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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

Postby Telutci » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:28 am

All dry cat food promotes weight gain, because they are all high in carbohydrates.
Canned food is much healthier for all cats.
Read up on cat nutrition at this site by a vet.

Among other things, it explains how to transition to canned food.
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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

Postby Curtis » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:30 am

I fed the Iams weight control formula to one of my cats several years ago. It was actually for a junior high science project. It worked, though! She lost a pound in about six weeks.

Portioning is very important. The last thing you want to do is leave a big bowl of food out and let your cat eat as much as he wants. Ask your vet for food and rationing recommendations. You can look at the feeding directions on the food bag, but I've heard those aren't always accurate. Try to play with her more often, too.
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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

Postby Ovadya » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:34 am

I don't suggest a diet as far as pet foods go since most of those out there are not made by the best of companies in the first place.
If a cat or any animal is getting the proper nutrients it won't over eat.
That is fact.
Your cat is fat because it is eating the wrong foods for it.
I suggest you switch to the best out there.
Blue Buffalo for cats and dogs and other animals is 100% the best with no grains, no fillers, no preservatives, no by products and MEAT is their numberr one sourse in both the dry and wet forms.
They even put all the nutrients the cat needs into the food after it has been processed so that it is cold pressed into the food without any heating to take away from the nuitrients.
They call these "Life Source Bits".
Also they have a place on their site where you can put your food next to there's and compare the differences so you can see why yours is so bad for your cat.
They have the amounts right on the package so that you feed your cat what it needs for the day and let them eat at their descrepency and you will find that with that food they won't even eat it all and still be full and better off.
They omit the bad meats from their foods like port and bad fish.
Some fish like tuna will cause sickness.
Tuna causes 'fatty liver disease' and that will kill a cat.
When a cat has what it needs it doesn't overeat since it doesn't feel hungry.
Animals don't eat to eat like humans do.
They eat to survive but when they don't get a good balance of nutrients they need to eat more to maintain what they know is lacking.
Unfortunately, they can't choose for themselves what is good since all they are getting from you is bad for them.
My cats are never sick and never overweight and their food is down continuously.
I combine both turkey and duck and give that liberally and they get salmon on the side a few times a week.
It's all Blue Basic Dry kibbles.
It costs more but it is worth it and in the long run keeps them out of the vet's office.
Hope that helps.
They've been on this since Blue came on the market.
It's a great food for them and it works to keep them healthy.
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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

Postby Spear » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:38 am

Get them to eat canned. It will get the overweight cat to lose weight and overall make both the cats much healthier http://www.catinfo.org/

That website has info no how to get kibble addicted cat to eat canned.

Raw is another option that is even better than canned. You would still have to switch to canned first and then start mixing raw with the canned until its all raw unless you lucky enough to have cats that just eat raw. You would have to do research first.
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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

Postby Jairo » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:44 am

I highly recommend "Life's Abundance."
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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

Postby Bleecker » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:48 am

I would get a high quality dry food (canned food is better to lose weight, dry actually makes a fatter cat).
And start by cutting back on the amount given.
I would not be leaving food out all the time (no matter how much she crys she is starving).
Then start with 1/3 cup of dry.
Divide that into 2-3 meals and only give her a small amount at a time.

Try to get her to play more.
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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

Postby joby94 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:05 am

I would start with a grain free kibble but for the best chance, keep working on trying to get them to eat wet.

The trouble with the dry "diet " foods is that they get the nutrient balance wrong.
They cut the calories by lowering the fat ,which means they have to increase something else -- either protein or carbs.
It would have been healthier for cats to increase the protein, but that would cost the companies more.
So instead they just add in even more cheap grains into the food and make their biggest profit off the so-called "light" cat food.
Because of the way cats' bodies work ( they are not made to get nutrition from eating carbs) ,many cats can't lose weight on that "diet" food and some even gain weight, unless they are cut back to such a small amount that they're never satisfied.

It is protein and fat that signals to a cat that it is full.
With the high carb food, if they are free-fed they just keep eating more and more since it is not satisfying.

A fat cat + continually eating high carb food = high risk for diabetes.

There ARE some grain-free dry cat foods... but unfortunately those tend to be quite high in fat, so they're pretty fattening too.
Cats definitely need a smaller amount of those -- but the good thing is that at least they tend to be more satisfying.
I would try one of those dry foods like Wellness CORE or Before Grain or Natures Variety or Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

But then continue to really try to get the cat to eat wet food.
As others have mentioned, Dr Lisa Pierson's site catinfo.org has a bunch of tips for getting "dry food addicts" to switch.

The main article Feeding Your Cat, and the article on Feline Obesity, have more info on helping a cat to safely lose weight.
The Obesity one tells about a cat about as fat as yours, that a shelter asked her to foster and help get his weight down.
At last report I think he's around 16 pounds and much healthier and happier.
He's now been adopted by someone else.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR CAT NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST! That can cause liver damage! She should lose about 1% of her body weight per week.
So it will be a long process.
but well worth it to make her feel much better and avoid some serious health problems

If you CAN get them to eat wet food one of the lowest calorie AND low carb premium canned foods is Weruva.
Another is the regular Merrick. ( Cowboy Cookout , Grammys Pot Pie etc)

There are also some cheaper canned foods that are pretty low calorie and low carb.
here's a link to some charts that show nutrient info for many different canned cat foods.
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My Cat Needs To Loose Weight, Which Dry Food Is Best?

Postby Selwine » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:15 am

You don't feed your cat bad food because she refuses it, you figure out which one she will eat. Dry food is the WORST thing you can give a cat. There is no healthy dry food. I want you to please, from the bottom of my heart, take my next statement seriously. I'd like you to take 10 minutes of your life, and review the site below. I had no idea, that I had no idea. My cats are with me today, because of what I learned. If you'd like me to beg, you can update your post. If a vet tells you one thing, and I tell you another, you'd be crazy to take my advice. Well, it isn't my advice your about to learn, so please read it. Please times 10. You'll see what I mean.

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