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My Blood Was Pink When I Self Harm Myself?

My Blood Was Pink When I Self Harm Myself?

Postby Alexander » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:06 am

I have been through insomnia, anxiety and depression lately. I noticed when I cut myself yesterday at school, there was pink blood coming out. I do self harm with a razor blade. Also when I woke up this morning, my bladder is aching and I have a really bad headache. I didn't have any sleep yesterday and the day before that. I find it hard to sleep. At 6:00PM, I just crashed onto the bed. I haven't been eating well lately. Why do I have pink blood coming out? Also my friend found my razor blade at school and she told me to give it to her but I just refused and walked off, told her that I didn't deserve to live. She told the school and now they are going to be aware of what I take at school. How can I hide my razors without them finding it again. It's for the best if I cut myself. I do it to stop me from doing violent actions to people and to stop me from having fights with people. So don't tell me to stop cutting myself because I am tired of it
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My Blood Was Pink When I Self Harm Myself?

Postby Martell » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:20 am

If you are feeling sick(headache e.g) then you could have a infection and need to see a doctor who will also treat your depression.
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