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My Best Friend Is Annoying And Has A Bad Attitude?

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My Best Friend Is Annoying And Has A Bad Attitude?

Postby Diarmid » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:55 am

The ONLY god damn thing she talks about is kpop! Thing is i love kpop but then she treats them like god or sumthing!!! And she never quits blabbering s*** about how shez gonna be sum major kpop star and all that crap!! Im really tired of it! And she treats my other friend who has osteogenesis ( handicap disease) like ****. She treats het badly and steals her food! And just cuz im Arab and shez part american, she keeps making fun of arabs and calls them flat chested and its pissing me off!! She said that no matter what shez right and im always wrong which is the most narrow minded thing ive ever heard in my life! Plz help!!
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My Best Friend Is Annoying And Has A Bad Attitude?

Postby Nachman » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:01 pm

Why is she your best friend? If she treats you so shitty then she isn't exactly best friend material. She's being insensitive. I think you and your other friend shouldn't deal with it. Just stop being friends with her. Maybe she'll become a better person for it because only then she'll realise she's hurting other people's feelings. I don't even know her but I hate her :p Don't feel bad about leaving her, she's the one being rude to you guys. If you carry on putting up with her she'll continue with that atittude, not realising she's doing anything wrong.
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My Best Friend Is Annoying And Has A Bad Attitude?

Postby Blakemore » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:04 pm

why are you friends with her?
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My Best Friend Is Annoying And Has A Bad Attitude?

Postby Ephram » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:07 pm

Your best friend doesn't sound very nice.

1. What makes her think that she's going to be a kpop star? Does she have a major talent that everyone is aware of?

-Chances are, if she was going to be a kpop star, she would be scouted as a trainee at a korean entertainment by now, and would be madly training all day (they get people from ages from 12, and sometimes even as young as just 8 years old). Give her facts about the reality, how being a kpop star isn't all about fame and money. They train those 8-12 year old kids for an average of 4-6 years THEN they join a kpop group. But it's not even official until the entertainment company leader chooses the certain amount of people they want in their group- friends turn into enemies, and you'd have to compete against each other to get a final spot, and if you're unlucky, all those years of training goes down the drain and they drop you from the entertainment. They work until they sweat blood and there's so much competition she doesn't even know about. That's why some people call it the "slave contract" where they make you work hard, yet pay you very little.

2. If she's taking advantage of people (handicap or not), you should do something to stop her. Not in an offending way, but in a serious way she would understand. This is a serious problem, best friend or not, you have to tell her to stop.

3. Racism is serious too, don't let her push you around. Tell her to stop or say you don't like it when you make fun of other races. What gives her the right to say those kind of mean things to people?

4. If she's narrow minded like that, I'm sure you can find a better friend than her. I know you may not want to break your friendship with her, but if she's treating you in that kind of manner, you are too good for her. But maybe your best friend might be insecure or jealous of what you do, so she might be treating you that way too.

Confront her about it, and if she doesn't listen, you should make new friends, since she's clearly not good enough to be yours.
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My Best Friend Is Annoying And Has A Bad Attitude?

Postby Ordwine » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:11 pm

She doesnt sound like a good friend, best friends are meant to be there for u and have a laugh with you not at you. If your other friend with the disease is nice, why dont u just go round with her instead of this american girl. Start standing up for urself and she will learn to respect u more. Trust me i dont have many good friends, but they do respect u more if u stand up for urself. Best of luck, hope this helps
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