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Metabolism Help? Thanks(:?

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Metabolism Help? Thanks(:?

Postby Sonny » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:02 pm

I 've listed some tips for you that will help boost your metabolism, I think you'll find them to be a healthy and easy way to boost your metabolism.

It's great that you eat breakfast; Always make sure to include a protein for your breakfast. Protein builds muscle, improves your feeling of fullness and will help to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Choose lean sources of protein, such as chicken, fish, dry beans or lentils. You may even use some protein powder to get more protein with less sugar and calories. I put chocolate whey protein powder in my oatmeal for breakfast, and I don't need any sugar. If you want to use protein powder, do some research to make sure it does not have unhealthy ingredients.

Increase your daily consumption of vegetables. You can't have enough vegetables! Raw, steamed, in soups, whatever you can do to get more vegetables in your diet is a good thing. Vegetables are very important to losing weight.

Limit how much fruit you eat. Many times when people are dieting they reach for fruit to satisfy hunger between meals. While fruit is good for you, it does contain a lot of sugar and if you want to lose weight you are better off limiting your fruit to 2 - 3 pieces a day.

Eat 4 - 6 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones, if possible. The intent is to stabilize your blood sugar level throughout the day. This will help you to lose weight. If you do try this, be sure you do not overeat, because it is easy to eat too many calories at each meal. Decide how much you want to eat for the whole day, then divide it up into individual meals.

Include protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats at every meal. Try not to eat meals that consist of only one or two of these. An example would be soup for lunch that has no protein.

Eliminate "bad" fats but be sure to eat "good" fats. Bad fats are butter, margarine, corn oil, canola oil, trans fats, and saturated fats. Good fats are olive oil, the omega 3 fats in some fish like salmon, avocados and nuts, especially walnuts. Even though a fat is "good" be conscious of how much you eat. Don't overdo it!

Avoid all processed foods. These not only add a lot of calories, they are very high in sodium and unhealthy ingredients. High sodium intake can cause many health problems, but it can also cause you to retain water, which will make you bloated and feel fat. This is not what you want!

Drink plenty of fresh, pure water. At least 64 ounces a day. Every day! This will help keep your cells nourished and it's important to eliminating toxins that are stored in your body that keep you fat. Also, don't drink your calories. Soda, sweet tea, sports drinks, etc all contain sugar. Avoid artificial sweeteners also. They have been shown to make you gain weight.

You have to get your body moving for it to start buring calories. For the best health, it is advised to get both cardio and strength building exercise. Weight bearing (strength building) exercise is great because it requires the body to engage multiple muscle groups at once.
Building muscle will increase your metabolism as muscle requires more calories to sustain then fat.

I tried to give you a long list of options so you find something that works well for you. It is not essential to do ever one of these things, but the more you do, the healthier you will be and the better your chance of reaching your weight loss goal. The most important thing is to pick changes you can live with in the long run. Just control when and how much you eat. For long term success, make small changes, one at a time. Then once you are used to it, make another.

Good luck to you!
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Metabolism Help? Thanks(:?

Postby Kendall » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:03 pm

You cannot modify all of it that a lot, however you'll to some degree through sipping at inexperienced tea for the period of the day (it involves each caffeine and EGCG), through consuming smaller extra widespread foods (possibly three small foods and a couple of or three snacks), and through doing a little cardio activity every day (or a minimum of keep in movement a number of the day, equivalent to at paintings, running, or cleansing at residence).
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Metabolism Help? Thanks(:?

Postby Ahishar » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:04 pm

LOTS of fruit and plenty of veggies. Workout alot. The higher your stamina the better your metabolism.
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Metabolism Help? Thanks(:?

Postby Urki » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:06 pm

Metabolism is really only needed to keep fat off your body.

But here is a few ways that I have personally found effective.

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Metabolism Help? Thanks(:?

Postby Justis » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:15 pm

I have read that an herbal supplement called cinnamon helps speed up metabolism. I take 2 capsules of cinnamon herbal vitamin everyday, and I think there is a big deference. I also know that exercising can get your metabolism boosting off the mark. But be sure if you are going to exercise like jogging, or walking. Make sure to eat something afterward like a 100 calorie snack, or fruit just a snack. After you exercise your body needs something to burn.

Hope I helped a little :)
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Metabolism Help? Thanks(:?

Postby Ruodrik » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:19 pm

Eat cayenne pepper and Ginger. Also randomly spazzing out for a little boosts your metabolism(I know it sounds wierd) and never starve yourself it takes your body into starvation mode lowering your metabolism like crazy! Best wishes(:
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