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Mental Health System Vent?

Mental Health System Vent?

Postby Keven » Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:57 pm

My sister lives with her boyfriend and his family (his mom, dad, and brother.) She has called me multiple times crying and panicking. His brother, Danny, has made multiple threats to kill them all in their sleep, to kill her kittens, and to "do stuff they won't like." He has stabbed holes in the walls when was mad, and gotten into fights with my sisters boyfriend and the family does have numerous guns locked up in a safe. He started out watching porn all day. Now all he ever watches is videos on a certain website that I'm not going to list, but it's videos of people brutally killing and torturing other people and eating poop etc. He masturbates ABNORMAL amounts and recently started duck-taping his door in addition to having it locked. He went into Western State Hospital for a 3 day psychiatric evaluation in the past but he is a VERY smooth talker and they said nothing was wrong with him. He's had the cops called on him, he's been kicked out but came back trying to kick the doors down, and he's been in for an evaluation but nothing has been done. Can someone tell me how any of that behavior is normal?? Because that sure doesn't seem normal to me.

This story is different. My uncle is a paranoid schizophrenic. He lived with my aunt, but they made him move out after he tried suffocating my cousin with a pillow when he was sleeping. He came to live with us for about a year, obviously displaying the odd behavior that comes with being a paranoid schizophrenic, but was arrested when he smashed a plate and threatened to slit my moms and all of "the little bitches" throats (me and my sister.) After being held in the local jail he was transferred to Western State and was there for 3 weeks. At some point between being in jail and in the hospital, he had tried cutting his wrist so he was released by Western State due to liability issues. He's a great guy when he takes his medication, but usually never does. He is not competent to take care of himself without it and possibly poses a threat to others, but was released because of LIABILITY. What the hell is wrong with our mental health system?!

It seems like for anything to be done these days, someone has to commit murder first and by then it's to late.

If anyone has serious suggestions about the first scenario please let me know.
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Mental Health System Vent?

Postby Tai » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:03 pm

I would record all of this.
I would keep a recorder or a cell phone with recording capabilities on me at all times and when he would start up, discreetly start the recorder.
After a few times of this, THEN get the mental health agency involved and play these recordings for them.
He can't lie his way out of a recording.
Just don't tell him EVER that you are recording. If he is smooth, then he will be careful to make sure you aren't carrying one, or he might escalate and actually make a move to harm somebody.
Record it.
Or set up a camera where he is outside of his room the most or where he goes off the most and make sure it has a remote control.
I agree, the system is screwed up when it comes to the innocent.
Same with the police.
Unless they kill you they can't do anything, and calling repeatedly makes YOU look like the trouble maker.
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