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Lose Weight By Spring Break? Healthy Way?

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Lose Weight By Spring Break? Healthy Way?

Postby Berwick » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:30 pm

I know the whole eat fruit, drink water, type of answer. I actually want someone to answer who knows what there talking about. I have some questions about losing weight. First I'll say I weigh 115 and my height is about 5'4 or 5'3. I want to weigh about 100-105 pounds. Lately I have had some trouble with losing weight...the healthy way. I don't want to just lose weight then gain it all back. I want to have a healthy lifestyle.I want to have a bikini ready body by spring break. (April right??) anyway please try to answer all these questions.

1. Is it actually bad to skip breakfast? I've heard it said but why is it so important?

2. Is it bad to skip meals in general? Is it true that you will lose weight more if you don't?

3. Any toning exercises?

4. Should I lose weight then tone or the other way around?

5. Should I cut Starbucks out of my diet? I drink plenty of water but I love Starbucks. If not how often should I drink it? Is there any lower calorie alternatives at SB?

6. What are some foods that will boost my metabolism?

7. Any at home exercises?

8. How many times should I workout a week? 3,5, etc?

9. In thinking about renewing my gym membership, I like going on the treadmill and elliptical how long should I? Any other gym exercises you like to do?

10. I have a major sweet tooth! What should I eat instead of sweets as junk?

Any motivation tips? Any tips on how to not gain all the weight back?

Anyway I know this was really long but I'd would really appreciate it if you could answer all these questions. Any tips on losing weight and toning would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! (:
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Lose Weight By Spring Break? Healthy Way?

Postby Calbex » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:33 pm

I'm not gonna lecture u on losing weight although u are within the healthy range and i really hope u dont lose too much. Kick start with a 2 day juice fast, fresh fruit and veg to give u energy and boost ur metabolism by 30 mins aeribic exercise every 2 days. On the other days work 1 major muscle group at a time and ul be sleek and chic in no time. Please see ur doctor first to check out ur suitability and please dont cut calories less than 1200 per day
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Lose Weight By Spring Break? Healthy Way?

Postby Ilias » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:52 pm

according to the BMI calculation, 100-105 lbs is underweight for your height. your current weight is perfectly normal right now. you really don't need to lose any weight.
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Lose Weight By Spring Break? Healthy Way?

Postby brenton » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:56 pm

1. Dont skip breakfest but make it light. skipping breakfest makes its so your body does metabolise so it can actually make you gain weight. eat like a banana

2. dont skip meals just eat snacks all day

3. you should run 20 minutes a day or more and then do your basic weights

4. you need to loose weight and tone at the same time

5. cut starbucks it is just fat. if you really need it make sure you get size small and limit to once a month

6. im not sure about foods but just workin out wil boost it

7. running, push ups, sit ups

8.5 times a week and dont do it all in a row spread it out. once you have lost the weight stay at the gym 4 times a week.

9. stay atleast 20 minutes or more on the treadmile and then do weights for about 30 minutes depends how long it takes you.

10. instead of junk food make yourself a dish like yogurt and fruit healthy but yet taisty. instead of starbucks get a smothie. and whenver you crave a donut or somthing like that brush your teeth its crazy but it works
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