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Just need some advice please help?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

Just need some advice please help?

Postby darcell18 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:47 am

Sorry if its a little long .so over the summer i got into a thing with this girl, i fell in love with her but ended up messing it up because i got attached and after she ended it, well i felt two things a weight lifted off my shoulders and depression. after weeks of beating myself up ,letting go of the anger i felt,music, talking to friends and family and time to myself i slowly forgot about her but i still think about her even though now she's with a new guy. i don't know why i can't completely forget about her, theirs always stupid little things that remind me of her and the fun times we share. i'm in college now and have met a lot of new people but i feel lost like i don't know who i am anymore or where i'm going. i feel as though i don't know where to go, like i don't have a goal anymore. before i met her i was so sure of myself and my confidence was at an all time high ( it still is) now its though the person who i was is lost and i'm trying to regain who i was but i can't. and i keep living life telling myself everything will work out even though im hurt and lost , why do i keep on going, why do i hope so much, what am i supposed to do.
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Just need some advice please help?

Postby roald37 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:49 am

listen, you are young. and she is not the only girl living on the planet. just choose smth you are crazy about, a sport, a new hobby, start a new collection, read some classics, do smth fun, visit some local museum that you never saw, a rock concert, learnt how to make a perfect apple pie. make your self better for yourself and for someone else.Because one day, someone else will really appreciate it. You will take her to the museums that you visited, she will be super fascinated about how much you know. Surprise her with your cake and teach her how to make one!!!
Just don't stop.
This is how I went over a relationship. It really helped.
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