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Is This An Eating Problem!?

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Is This An Eating Problem!?

Postby Mochni » Thu May 04, 2017 10:57 pm

ok i wasnt clear on my last question....im 5ft 6 and a half inches.i weighed 211lbs but in like 3weeks i went down to 199lbs. i live with my dad and its hard to exercise alone PLUS i have asthma so im limited. i stay in my room ALL day. some days i only eat one meal [[not even that]] and then i might purge afterwards. or else i wont eat at all. ive been called fat soooo many times and i know i am, i dont really care about what they say i just dont like to be reminded of it constantly. i NEED to get rid of lower tummy fat and its SO hard to do do. i feel so issolated and i really have noooo friends. theres so many things going on in my life thats been going on for years...i only have one friend that i only hangout with 1-2 times a week, if that! AND my mom is always on me about my weight...plus im afraid of being diabetic like my father....[runs in the family] i try to workout/exercise but asthma kinda holds me back. i try my hardest though...sometimes overly where i have an attack. what really bothers me is my stomach fat that i try to get rid of, situps and crunches do NOT work... ugh

all day im in my room alone.
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Is This An Eating Problem!?

Postby Quennel » Thu May 04, 2017 10:59 pm

You should tell all of this to a doctor, or someone you trust.
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Is This An Eating Problem!?

Postby Cormack » Thu May 04, 2017 11:00 pm

Unfortunately, you've developed an eating disorder. You should tell someone about this as soon as possible so you could get help. And if you need a friend, I'll be your friend. C:
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Is This An Eating Problem!?

Postby Roman » Thu May 04, 2017 11:01 pm

Yes, this is definitely a problem, and it seems to me to be Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS). This is when you don't fall into the categories of Anorexia or Bulimia or Compulsive Overeating or any other eating disorder, but your eating habits are still disordered. If you continue on this way, it can develop into Bulimia. It seems to be most likely what will happen, judging from your details you've included here.

I've suffered an eating disorder for almost three years. I've lost weight, but guess what? I'm not skinny, and this isn't just in my head that I'm not skinny. I didn't even lose all the weight, I've lost some and then gained some, and then maintained... if you continue this way, you might lose some weight but it will definitely come back and maybe even more.

This is also very unhealthy. It's a constant struggle, and very, very hard to overcome, so you'll need help from someone. I suggest you tell someone close, even though it's very hard. They may not understand, as most people who don't have an eating disorder don't understand, but they might be able to help.

Purging is very damaging, I've messed up my esophagus, as I had to go to the ER in February, which I was diagnosed with esophageal spasms. They are not fun, it's painful and uncomfortable. So many things can result from purging such as esophagus problems, acid reflux (you WILL get acid reflux. You can't just purge and not have it.), ulcers, and even heart attacks, plus so much more. You can count on terrible teeth, too. I have yellowish teeth which are way too sensitive, so much that I want to cry when I eat cold things. The enamel is going to erode, which causes the sensitivity. My front tooth is chipped due to wearing down from purging. This will happen to you, too. I thought it wouldn't happen to me, but it did.

So please, get help. I know it's hard... look up self-help sites, read self-help books. You can try to recover on your own if you really want to, but more than likely you'll fall back into it, and need help from someone else. Good luck in this battle, it won't be easy and it won't happen over night, but just doing a little something to help yourself is what counts most.
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