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Is There A Way To Turn A Folder On Your Windows Xp Desktop Into A Drop Down Menu?

Is There A Way To Turn A Folder On Your Windows Xp Desktop Into A Drop Down Menu?

Postby Fabion » Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:19 pm

... you can get close to what you want.  Here's how: Right-click a blank area of your Taskbar.  In the pop-up menu, hover over Toolbars > then click New Toolbar....  A dialog titled something like "New toolbar - choose a folder" will pop up.  Use it to find and select the folder you want quick access to, and click OK.  This will create a new button titled with the folder name on the right side of your toolbar, just to the left of your clock and system tray.  Clicking on this button pops up your folder and its contents in a drop-down like what you're wanting.  It won't be on your desktop, but it makes your folder very easy to access. Bonus tip(related to my answer): if you have a lot of icons on your desktop that you use quite often, you might have noticed that you have to constantly move windows around or minimize them just to launch one of those icons.  And they muck up your view of that nice wallpaper.  You can clean up your desktop and give yourself quicker access to those in the same way you added that folder to the Taskbar.  Right-click the Taskbar, hover over Toolbars > and then click Desktop.  That adds a Desktop button in the right side of the Taskbar that has all your Desktop icons on it, giving you fast, one-click access to them.  Now clean up your display by right clicking a blank area of the desktop, hover over View > and click Show desktop icons to clear the checkmark.  Voila, your desktop is clean, and all those icons can be easily found on the Desktop menu. Hope this helps!
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