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Is There A Way To Get Someone To Break Up With Me?

Is There A Way To Get Someone To Break Up With Me?

Postby Udayle » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:07 pm

So I been "talking" to this guy for quite sometime. Last year we "met" online started talking then I broke up with him. He had such deep feelings for me that he would have done just about anything for me. but I broke up with him because he was overly obsessed with me. Then this year he started kinda like messaging me saying hi and I started being nice to him again. Then I felt like what I did to him was not right. So I told him that I don't mind giving this relationship second chance. So to keep this "secured" he flew up here to see me for like 4 days. After meeting him in person I realized that he is not the same kind of person I kinda liked last year. He is arrogant, selfish and extremely obsessive. He came here for 4 days. 3 out of the 4 days he said something that was extremely hurtful. And I told him about it and he just listened and then didn't give a **** about it. Even after going back home the first day when I called him he tells me he is getting his car fixed. When I asked him why he is like I got into a car accident. I was like WHAT??? Here I am all freaked up and he tells me he was only joking. When he was here when I dropped him back at his hotel after the first day he is like I might not see you tomorrow and I am like why he is like I have another friend who lives here and I am hanging out with him. I am like all hurt but didn't say anything. Then the next morning I text him I am like do I need to come and see you or not and he is like yeah. When I asked him about what happened to his friend he is like I was only joking. I cannot count all the times he said or did something that hurt me. We went to a Mongolian restaurant and he got chicken to be cooked with his noodles before he even went up to have it grilled he is like they are not gonna grill this right. Then when we sat down to eat it he started talking about his chicken is uncooked and how it's as "good" as street food. MIND YOU the restaurant we were is one of the top rated in the area I live in. Anyhow I really need him to break up with me because he said if I ever ended this relationship he would commit suicide. So I cannot even hint that I don't want to be in this relationship.
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Is There A Way To Get Someone To Break Up With Me?

Postby ignado » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:09 pm

Start being arrogant, cocky, snooty, and demanding. Tell him he can't see his friend when he's in your town. Trek him he has to be with you and he has to take you to a nice restaurant {if he takes you, order really expensive food} and then walk out and make him pay the bill. Act like you don't care when he's talking and if you're texting send short simple replys. K or ya or bye. When he asks if you have plans, say no, he'll plan something or text you later and just reply i'm busy. If he says "I thought you didn't have plans" say "I was just kidding". And use your just kidding as an excuse for things.

**hope this helps. Good luck (:
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Is There A Way To Get Someone To Break Up With Me?

Postby Jediah » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:12 pm

The "suicide" thing is just a BS lie, break it off simply because he sounds unstable to me. And if he does follow through with it don't let it haunt you, you need to be happy for you not for him or anyone else.
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Is There A Way To Get Someone To Break Up With Me?

Postby jabarl » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:13 pm

Take a picture with one of you're best guy friends or even make a fake account and just post on your wall saying : Hey baby I love you or some crap like that to make it seem like your cheating on him
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