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Is The South Beach Diet Low Gi?

Is The South Beach Diet Low Gi?

Postby Chaise » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:51 pm


After reading your question I saw you were interested in optimizing your nutrition [(-:] so I thought I would give you some pointers I have learned the hard way from my own bad 'uninformed' choices so you could learn about good advice and bad advice.

You may already know this but if not let me first explain that keeping to a plan that fights against bad habits that might be on the verge of seriously tearing down your body is sometimes pretty tough - but being fit and strong versus being overweight and/or sickly is all about (1) how many calories you eat versus how many you burn and (2) IF your calories are primarily the BEST QUALITY PROTEINS or primarily junk sugar-carbs.

Please consider that it is not just how few cabs and fats and how much lean protein you eat in order to become 'stronger,' but how many absorbable non-toxic vitamin and minerals are obtained from the protein or fats you would eat.

For instance, egg whites have 89% protein, but egg whites are similar in its nutrition per calorie as to eating sweet corn that usually has only about 15% protein. So even though the higher protein egg whites ?look? good IF ALL you look at is the protein content, it is really not much better for you than sweet corn.

Not good if you understand that they identified the pellagra problem in the 1930?s south was from a diet of primarily sweet corn. [See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pellagra ]

The same is true of tenderloin versus spinach. Boiled spinach has about 56% protein to beef tenderloin?s 61% protein, but spinach has almost 700%, or seven times, the vitamin and minerals of tenderloin calorie per calorie. The problem with spinach is that the spinach calories would cost about ten times the cost of beef calories. Spending $50 per day to eat several pounds of spinach may make you as strong as a triple crown race horse, but few can afford to spend that much for their food so meat protein is what people can afford.

Take a few minutes to understand ?good? nutritional advice versus poor advice and I hope you will have learned something from my ?mistakes? that will soon help you along your way.


My best to you and for your good health,



PS1 - I posted my story and why I know what I know at:


PS2 - I currently feel that what Dr. Fuhrman MD teaches is the best nutritional information available in the nation. http://www.diseaseproof.com/archives/cat...





Again, I hope you consider my mistakes and would not duplicate them, OK?
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