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Is Japan Wrong? (korea)?

Is Japan Wrong? (korea)?

Postby Engel » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:19 am

The opinion of the Japanese on the issue of comfort women Korean appeal.

It was mistranslated in the article of the United States.

Article of the United States used the word sex slaves.

It is a word wrong.

I will explain about the comfort women say South Korea because there is no suitable English.

There is a sexual desire for humans.

It is also solved by the wife or lover If you are a normal life.

But being around during the war it is only man.

Therefore, it soldiers to rape the women of the enemy country is often during the war.

For example, soldiers of the Korean were raping women of Vietnamese in the Vietnam War.

The child has been persecuted even now.

Even if it is not the war, that American soldiers rape a girl of Japanese is often in Okinawa. Some 14-year-old girl is the victim.

Japanese was thinking of rid the rape.

There is a sexual desire for humans.

Japanese has recruited women to satisfy the sexual desire of soldiers.

but,Everyone hates it.

So, the Japanese gave the conditions to pay a lot of money.

How match?

They are the earned enough money to buy 26 house per capita during the war.

There is a problem of selling daughter for parents to get a lot of money.

Japanese have to confirm that you want to participate in making their own with a sufficient investigation. Further, it was decided that to death penalty the parent In if the parent has sold his Musume.

The took there the Koreans is the parent of they.

They wanted the money.

Japanese made ??a sufficient investigation, investigation is difficult because it does not know the words.

However, the Japanese had paid enough money.

Is this sex slave?

Japanese was only trying to rid the rape.

We paid them a lot of money.

Their parents is bad (Korean).

And Japan has paid a personal compensation and state compensation to Korea in Japan?Republic of Korea Basic Relations Treaty (before war:yen5,300,000,000(about $53,000,000) after war:yen800,000,000(about $8,000,000)).

Korean government is not paying Korean.

So If you say Japan "Pay personal compensation",Japan have to start over the treaty.

Much evidence(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihrnt4RE0U0)

What do you think this problem?
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Is Japan Wrong? (korea)?

Postby Geraghty » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:33 am

I don't deny there were wars , killed someone and raped.

As discussed above, it's often during wars in some country.

What Japanese have a problem that regardless of compensation and apology also done, Koreans would be to request more money.


And they are saying they had compelled sex slave by Japanese.

As discussed above, in World War II,Japanese soldiers went to sexual activity to pay a lot of money to see the intentions of the principal, but not the rape, such as until then.

Evidence that I have shown is the books of all Korea.

Is there evidence that they had got a lot of money, but there is no evidence that was brought by force to the Japanese.

Japan still is as long as that pay the money, the United States to France, South Korea will have to pay a compensation of rape in Vietnam.

Japanese soldiers were paying a lot of money, but you guys because it's not only rape.

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Is Japan Wrong? (korea)?

Postby Demetrius » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:37 am

Evidence that you showed is other wars and war I'm saying.

I do not deny that there was that you showed in their wars.

However, that Japan has been working on the prevention of sexual crimes is also true.

In addition, Japan has also apology and compensation to Korea.

Is not performed normally compensation and apology in war. This is very rare.

I do not know Nevertheless, why Japan is whether the blame from the United Nations and South Korea.

Other countries to not run away apology and compensation of war.

I want to know the Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea to everyone.

Also be blamed are resolved in the Convention in 1965, Asia and Japan not proceed to a bright future.

Thank you.
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Is Japan Wrong? (korea)?

Postby Young-Nam » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:40 am

Your text: "I will explain about the comfort women say South Korea because there is no suitable English."

Whatever your point, you have not made it.
I don't think any reader can determine from your text if you have a point.
You are writing in English from the United States.
Your excuse is lame and unwarranted.

Real history is not a matter of political debate.
You cannot change it.

Your perceptions and desires are products of conditioning and other sentient experience you have acquired up to this point in life.
You can change the contents of your mind, and you can shape your mind to be pro-social, rational, and smarter, too.


Consciousness is a function of a cognitive neural network processing both sensory data and memory.
Sentient experience can be subjectively deconstructed into four foundations of mindfulness:

1. Mindfulness of body.

2. Mindfulness of sensation as pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral (physical sensation).

3. Mindfulness of state of mind (attitude, emotion).

4. Mindfulness of content of mind (ideas, learned skills, memory, mental images, beliefs).

Dhamma claims that all there is of good and evil arises from mind, and that there are three strong roots of evil: greed, hatred, and delusion.

Dhamma claims that there are two kinds of health, namely, physical health and mental health.
Many people enjoy good physical health even into old age.
But relatively few people enjoy good mental health unless they are vigilant and relentless in rooting out delusional thinking, alleviating ignorance via insight and rational inquiry.

"History of the World" by J. M. Roberts & O. A. Westad

?Social Psychology? by David Myers
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