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I would like you to read this please :)?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

I would like you to read this please :)?

Postby reiner » Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:17 am

My palm is pressed to the window, ignoring my mother’s angry requests to remove it. Iris stands on the other side of the thick glass, her eyes brimming with t ears. The train lurches back once, and then begins to pull forward. Her eyes grow sadder but she never drops my gaze. As the train pulls away we stay that way. My palm glued to the window, her eyes locked on mine. She doesn’t move an inch until the train disappears around the corner. I wonder if she moves even then, or just stays rooted to the platform with depression. More than anything I want to run back to Iris and tell her that it was all a joke. But it’s not a joke. This is completely serious. I am abandoning my busy city life for one in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I peel my hand from the window, leaving an oily handprint in its place. My heart sinks into my chest as I turn to face my family. Asha is leaning against my shoulder, her weight heavy on my left side. My mom sits across from me, dabbing her face with a handkerchief. I think she’s the only person who still carries one. She has no right to be upset anyways, it was her decision for us to move. To uproot us from our lives in Woodlin just for a stupid brochure. It was the only place Asha had ever known. She’d been born and raised there. The idea of us moving broke something inside her. Instead of being her happy upbeat self, she now sits solemn, staring out the window blankly. Dad sits beside mom, clutching her hand. He just stares forward, a hint of sadness creeping onto his face.
I turn back to the window, staring into the endless fields of grass. The constant moan and click of the train lulls me to sleep, my head resting on the window.
I awake to my mother gently shaking my shoulder. Asha is yawning and stretching, as if also just waking up from a nap. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I turn back to the window and glance at the surroundings. The endless fields of grass have been replaced by thick forest and towering mountains. I have to squint and crane my neck to see their peaks. I can hear Asha gasp behind me, and feel one forming in my throat. After living in a place surrounded by grass for so long, seeing towering rock giants looming above us is quite scary. None of us say a word; we just simply sit in awe and stare at the mountains that seem only feet from the train. After a few moments I realize how much I need to use the bathroom and quietly stand. I cross our compartment quickly and scoot down the small hallway. All the other booths are the same, with horrid plaid cushions and glass streaked with oily handprints. The train car is bustling with noisy families and I make my way past them quickly. I find the bathroom at the very back of the train and burst in, locking the door behind me. The room is small and I hardly have room to move my elbows. Once I’m finished I wash my hands quickly and head back to my booth. The train is shaking quite a bit and I fall a few times before I reach our cabin. My family is still sitting as I left them, staring out the window, hands resting patiently in their laps. As I take my seat I notice the scenery has changed. The train now weaves through a complex path through the mountains instead of, almost cutting straight through like before. I lean against the window once again and start to drift to sleep again. And that’s when I see it. Just barely out of the corner of my eye. The train is barreling forward straight towards the mountain. That is when panic begins to grip my heart. I can feel my breath catching in my chest. The train is moving faster and faster towards the mountain and just when we’re I think we’re going to crash the train blacks out.

A tunnel . Of course there was a tunnel, what kind of crazy person would crash a train full of families into an enormous mountain. I’m glad for the darkness because I’m blushing like crazy and when we finally burst from the tunnel into the light, I see that Asha is too. She probably thought the same thing I did.
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I would like you to read this please :)?

Postby immanuel » Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:24 am

Ooh, is this true or made up? Pretty impressive if it was made up! :o
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