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I Think I Suffer From Anxiety + Depression?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

I Think I Suffer From Anxiety + Depression?

Postby Benejamen » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:18 pm

I'm 13 and i think i have anxiety. i think it originated from a few diferent things. like for one my mum going and putting all of my things from my room into a dust bin while i was out. she has done that a few times. I cannot stay downstairs while someone is upstairs i have to run up the stairs go in my room shut the door and sit right behind it. I do this every single day. While i am out or at school i cannot stop worrying about it, it feels like the day is going soo slowly because of it. Another thing is facebook. I am always worrying if someone has wrote something about me on it as they have done in the past. I've deleted my fb account many times but i feel better with it activated then i can constantly check. Then a horrible feeling of guilt takes over my body because i use so much internet doing this and i feel so bad about my mum having to pay a big bill for it, but i have to constantly check its impossible not to. Sometimes my mum annoys me but then when she's not there i feel so bad and guilty and i miss her. I always feel like people are talking about me at school. like when they're walking behind me or just near me. Once something really bad happened at school and I cut my wrists because of it. it hurt but it felt better, the blood felt like it was something being released from my body, like bad things. Something got wrote about me on facebook and now i am shaking uncontrollably and i can't stop crying. I don't feel comfortable talking to anybody so i'd rather just talk to a stranger. Sorry it's such a long piece of writing i'm in such a state now I don't know what to do with myself. i have looked at the symptoms of depression and i have many of them including a low mood, feeling hopeless and helpless, low self esteem, tearfullness, guilt ridden *especially, irratable and intolerable of others, finding it difficult to make decisions*especially this one, my year 9 options for school subjects have to be filled in tonight and handed in tomorrow and i couldnt make a decision because my mind was all over the place, its hard because its my future. no enjoyment out of life, suicidal + self harm thoughts, *feeling anxious and worried. my physical symptoms are weight loss, change in appetite and lack of sleep. i get about 4hrs a night and i hate it.

Please i'm not fishing for compliments i really feel this way and i just really need help. please excuse my spelling i really can't be bothered.
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I Think I Suffer From Anxiety + Depression?

Postby Earnan » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:31 pm

There's more going on here than anxiety and depression kid...you're also a candidate for OCD. You need help and you need it ASAP. Get an appointment with a psychiatrist pronto.
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I Think I Suffer From Anxiety + Depression?

Postby Brodrik » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:38 pm

i like kids
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I Think I Suffer From Anxiety + Depression?

Postby Naaman » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:41 pm

It's your diet.
Make sure you're guts are healthy through exercise and watch what you put in your body - only proper food, no fast food, no soft mush bread, just the best best meals and stay hydrated with water. Eat every 4 hours.

The only problem is, that you're addicted to how you are, how you feel, so you yourself will sabotage your own diet with your own favourite foods, but anyway, it's your choice.

Also, don;t feel bad for anyone - don't feel guilty for your mum don;t worry abut other people, respect yourself & your body and people will respect you.
Your mum will be secretly happy if you become more demanding of her even if it inconveniences her - so don;t worry about internet - demand it, make sure people know what you want.
Also don;t worry about being irritable or intolerable that's just hormones but you can make them better with what you eat and anyway doesn;t matter if you are intolerable most older men are like that anyway.
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