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I Need To Find The Core Of My Anorexia As The Final Stage Of Recovery. Somebody Please Help?

I Need To Find The Core Of My Anorexia As The Final Stage Of Recovery. Somebody Please Help?

Postby Ahaziahu » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:46 am

at the age eight I started a very severe, off an on again eating disorder. I lived with my mom in a very neglective, her boyfriend abusing, and broken environment. I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle and ever since I thought I had "recovered" until this year. at the end of summer my boyfriend and his ban had a concert that I violently purged before, afterwards me and my best friend Skye wen't and my friend Alexis was also there. they both commented on how pale and out of it I seemed. to cut to the chase later that night I passed out in an alley, and my boyfriends mother drove me home.. so after that about a month of binging, purging, and starvation occurred. I then stopped. I'd still only eat in from of so many people. and now, about three months later I've fallen back into it. I started out 121 lbs, and am now 108 lbs, and my ribs are disgusting. I see what I've done yet I can't stop. my uncle is on a diet an seems to get confidence by bringing me down eating wise. he'll make comments like I eat too much (not true I hope.. 500calories on a good day) and that I'm not healthy. I'm working at it though. my problem is finding out why cause it. I was "recovered" until I went to see that one concert. and this time, the purging, extreme starvation, and obsession with exercise started after me and my boyfriend ha an argument about his ex girlfriend, the lead singer in his band. she's pretty, and ugh. I don't like her. I just can't help it. I tried and tried but I can't. I'm still nice to her though.. but I mean, she flirts with him, and it's just ah. I want to be better than her but I don't know. sorry, I should be sticking to one thing and not ranting :b but anyway, I'm sorry if this was rather long.. please help
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I Need To Find The Core Of My Anorexia As The Final Stage Of Recovery. Somebody Please Help?

Postby Connlaodh » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:50 am

Okay, let's break it down 2-doctors-as-parents style:

Item 1:

Your uncle is actually encouraging you to starve yourself like this and this may enhance any lingering body image issues.

To solve:

Tell your uncle what has been going on. If he doesn't stop, go to your school counselor and have them approach your uncle.

Item 2:

Anorexia (not eating) and bulimia (binging and purging) are eating disorders caused by body image issues. These can be caused by what people see on TV, to what people read in magazines.

To solve:

Most of this may be force of habit. However, there may be something that you see frequently that is getting to you subconsciously. It could be the monthly issues of _______ magazine. Or it could be the commercials shown on your favorite TV channel. Figure it out, and get rid of it.

You also mentioned how your boyfriend's ex is in the band and very pretty, and you want to be better than her. She may be part of the problem. Think back to when you first started feeling ( for lack of a better word) resentful towards her. When did you begin to lose weight? If they match up, then you need to go within yourself, and think about what she has that you don't. Then think about what you have going for you. First thing on your list should not be "I got the guy!". Just don't. It won't help you. Come to terms with both the good and the bad, and stop thinking about her. If she enters your head, push her out. And be kind to her, like you are now. That was very mature if you.


I am very proud of you. You have recognized the problem, and you are trying hard to fix it. However, please get medical attention. If a 13 year old girl can figure out that she has clinical depression, and can go to her parents twice, because of course she needs the entire counseling department to back her up because her mOm is evil and oppressive and it's probably her moms fault she has clinical depression anyways...whew, that was a mouthful... then you can take the step too.

Excuse ME for ranting! : )

It is healthy to be able to rant every once in a while, though.

Good luck and...


A day early

Night early?

Aaaarrgh, my ADD! I should probably sleep.

Good night.
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I Need To Find The Core Of My Anorexia As The Final Stage Of Recovery. Somebody Please Help?

Postby aramis » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:40 am

the core?

the negative people in your life.

eliminate them from your life (i.e ex-girlfriend of boyfriend, and boyfriend who doesn't seem to realise that he shouldn't be accepting that kind of behaviour infront of you or behind you for that matter.)

ignore their words. (i.e uncle that keeps saying you're eating too much)

and stop comparing yourself to the ex-girlfriend or anyone else for that matter, it only leads to hating yourself and that's the last person you'd want to hate.
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