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I Need A Huge Dream Interiptation It's About A Girl I Like?

I Need A Huge Dream Interiptation It's About A Girl I Like?

Postby Birley » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:34 pm

Ok so idk where it was but basically she was in this (red) gown it was long In the back with a tail of 2ft (not an amimal tail like a the fabric) and she was walking to me and in the back ground it was a sun set of (purple ) colours and we danced around all night and we laffed we ran around but it also felt some1 was chasing us and we ran thru the skool and we got trapped and it was her current bf (he kinda likes me so why I was with his girl idk why) but after we were trapped and after that it got hazy but we then made it to (dinner) and we (flew in the air) to the (movies) and we then we back at the (cabin) were I was at my retreat and we had a fire champagne and we fell asleep right at the fire on the couch I was laying with my feet on the table and she layed out and laybe with her head on my lap and she put my hand on her stomach and we fell asleep and we (dreamed) that we were in science class with our feet on the chair entwined and we held hands and just gazed into each others eyes all class and the bell went and it was my alarm clock and I woke up thay was it
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I Need A Huge Dream Interiptation It's About A Girl I Like?

Postby Hide » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:36 pm

red is action, and desire. purple is purity, honesty, noble, majestic. feelings of being chased mirror underlying feelings of something unwanted, something you don't want to be, or something you avoid. dreaming, our real body is obviously not active, it is our "spirit" projecting itself through a body. that's how flying is possible in dreams. your spirit is exploring itself, as the entire dream and everything in it is yourself. you didn't explore too deeply the possible bad scenarios, you stayed towards the good possibilities. fire is feelings of energy, passion, and security. the belly is the mysterious place where food is digested, and in females, where we are grown. the organs in the abdomen are very mysterious, and are connected to ancient instincts. you might be wondering about what her feelings might be about you. feet are our connection to the earth, and what brings us to places/situations. feet are connected to trust, because you have to rely on them to keep you balanced. im guessing you have a strong attraction to her. the part about the dream within a dream is crazy. also you were ignoring science. science is a rationalistic seeking of facts. the ignoring of science denotes the irrationality of attraction between the sexes. dreams are complex detailed images that match the intensity levels of our feelings.
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I Need A Huge Dream Interiptation It's About A Girl I Like?

Postby Garrson » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:38 pm

You really like her and don't want to lose her.
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