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I'm Falling Apart And It's Becoming Unhealthy. I Don't Know What To Do?

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I'm Falling Apart And It's Becoming Unhealthy. I Don't Know What To Do?

Postby Aldan » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:26 am

I've been having relationship troubles with my boyfriend for a while now, and the last two weeks have been bad. I've been debating on whether or not to break up, and it's stressful to me because we've been together for 3 years.

I have a constant nervous flitting in my stomach, and it's been two weeks and it hasn't gone. It keeps me from feeling hunger, and when I think of eating it makes me feel sick. I have to force feed myself, and even then I can't do much. I've lost 4 pounds this week, and sure maybe I shouldn't complain but I know that's not healthy, especially since I'm at a healthy weight so that's a lot of weight loss for me (5'5, 128lbs), and my appetite is only getting worse.

And this isn't typical for me - I'm one of those people that usually needs to eat a meal every 4 hours.

I can't sleep. My mind is wired with anxiety so I just can't sleep. Last night I tried all night and only got 1 hour of sleep. I usually get 8.

I'm afraid I'm harming my body, and it's been two weeks and it's not getting better and I don't know how to make it go away. Maybe I need to break up with him. We're long distance right now, and he's in a busy program so he doesn't have time to talk to me like at all anymore. I feel disconnected from him, and I know that's not going to get any better. I think the only reason I'm holding off breaking up is because I care about him and don't want to hurt him, and maybe I'm afraid of being alone. Maybe I'll never find someone as good to me, but right now it's like we have nothing anyway, and his program is 2 more years. Can we really handle that much more?

We've been together long distance for 3 years now, I can't believe I'm thinking of quitting now. But I don't know if this relationship is good for me anymore. Maybe I'm better off alone than like this.

I don't know what to do

I'm only 20. I've never in my adult life been alone. I think I'm afraid to be.
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I'm Falling Apart And It's Becoming Unhealthy. I Don't Know What To Do?

Postby Caiseal » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:27 am

I think you know what to do. I think you are afraid to take the plunge. In your heart, you KNOW you need to get out. Your body is telling you as well. Don't ignore it.

I have been exactly where you are. I was with my ex husband from the time I was 17 until I was 23. I was afraid to leave him because we'd been together so long, imagining life without him being there was scary (only because it was unfamiliar, once I actually ditched him it got WAAAAAY better) and we'd had kids together. For you, I can see how three years seems like quite an investment..but bad investments aren't worth the effort. This sounds like a bad investment...

My advice is to get out ASAP. The sooner you do, the sooner you will feel better about EVERYTHING in your life. You are only 20...you still have another 60 years or so to live.

BTW...that lack of appetite? Its called the Divorce Diet. Its a documented phenomenon. http://singleedition.com/The-divorce-die...
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I'm Falling Apart And It's Becoming Unhealthy. I Don't Know What To Do?

Postby Wegland » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:31 am

I'm taking this from what I just added to my previous answer...

I would rather be alone and at peace, than in a relationship and miserable.
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