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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby Josephus » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:18 pm

I'm coming up to 30 and recently been examining my life or the lack of it and becoming more and more desperate and unhappy at almost everything. I have no friends, no girlfriend (by which I mean I have never had one either), I still live at home with my folks, I have a job which pays very little and gives me very little satisfaction, I'm not good looking or will ever be despite trying to look good and doing all the right things etc and I guess I'm just feeling lost and have been since leaving school 13 years ago really, I wouldn't say I'm clinically depressed but despite trying not to think or the more appropriate word is trying to ignore of all the negatives in my life, I think its come to a point in my life where I can't anymore. I find myself looking more and more at everyone elses ljfe through facebook, twitter and feeling more down about mine, it just seems everyone I know or used to know has a life in some way or form and I'm just standing still, existing but not living or moving forward. My outer family (uncles, cousins etc) always ask me a xmas or new years when I see them, 'do you have a gf yet' or 'whats going on' and I just don't have anything to tell them, I always think next month or next year will be different, I'll join a gym or get a new job and everything will be different but I've done this and bought the t-shirt but I'm still here in this hole. My life on a day to day basis is the same, I wake up, go to work and barely say anything all day, come home, eat my tea, take the dog for a walk, watch tv or surf the net and then go to sleep, and apart from the odd visit to the gym or to the football, that is pretty much my life day in day out and every week, month and year just flys by with no change. I have read probably a zillion questions and responses like this and the same old suggestions or advice mean nothing to me anymore as I tried a lot of them to no avail. I guess I writing this just to get this out of me and hoping in some way that there is someone out there I can really communicate with who not only understands but is living their life a similar way and wants a change.
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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby Marven » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:22 pm

I am not living this but a close friend does... There isn't an answer for this..

It is all up to you.

The question is how much risk do you want to take? How much out of your comfort zone are you willing to go ? What do you think goes wrong?

For example this friend, usually:

- blames others that they either ignore him or don't remember him without him getting in touch often

-expects things to at appear at his doorstep: friends and girlfriend

-expects results from the very first time and is disappointed immediately if something goes wrong

-almost never express his concerns etc. Sometimes, I have no idea what is bothering him and he will not be talking to be cause he is upset without telling me anything about it

-criticizes everything the others do

-think he is always right and doesn't accept that there could be two sides in one coin
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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby Eardley » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:25 pm

Its like you was describing my life. I have exactly the same thing and it's hard to live like this.
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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby Sal » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:27 pm


Don't let this go on any longer, and use this as experience.

1) SURF THE WEB BETTER. To meet a girl, join a dating site. Thousands of people struggling and are looking for a relationship on that.

2) QUIT YOUR JOB. So, it may take you longer to climb the business ladder, but at least you will feel happier, and a much more positive environment.

3) JOIN A GROUP. What do you like doing; Football? Rugby? Cricket? Kites? Astronomy? Art? Science? There are many groups in your local area that will accept members as one of the ''lads'' It could be something enjoyable to your routine? Maybe a dog walking group, loads of females there, mate.

4)DRINK AND SOCIALISE. See those rugby lads that you met? go to the pub with them. You will meet their friends, and their friends and become close. Meet some hot girls or even female pals.

5)GET OFF FACEBOOK. Stop looking at their lives. That's probably a facade from many of them, as they are feeling the exact same as you. Some, yes, are very happy. But others are bullshitters... pretending.

6)STOP FOLLOWING TRENDS. The people who only accept you for what you wear and not worth it. Find people who like you and your odd dress sense for what it it... you. Create your own god damn trend! Me other people be the sheep.

7)SEE A DOCTOR. Get a little bit of counselling or therapy. They can be there to vent frustrations about new experiences when you are beginning to get a new life. Like that ''stupid'' manager who's half my age, but i think hes a Kn0b''

Most importantly.. just try and be happy.

Good luck with your new and improved life x
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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby Randel » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:29 pm

would not easily rely the place you pass in life besides. You die and no rely what happens in a while, for all your fulfillment or failure, you would be purely a memory right here or perhaps which will die with the human beings of your era, or your toddlers once you're fortunate adequate to have them. celebrate with some time right here, and if it ain't what you like remember that it will all be over quickly formerly you realize it. and in step with hazard you would be granted an threat to start anew.
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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby berenger86 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:33 pm

Drown yourself

in cheap hookers, booze and pizza.
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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby Carleton » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:34 pm

Its good to get things off your chest ,what can say I was in the same rutt as you few years ago I eventually changed the way I looked new style of clothes hair also took up running 3 times a week made new circle of friends ,didn't bother about what my old friends did I just made new ones concentrated on my own life an became a better an a happier person now I have a wonderful man ,please don't put yourself down there's always someone out there for everyone ,it does work yoi just got to try an get out there a lot more best of luck
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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby Gillivray » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:44 pm

Kudos to you for at least taking the initiative and walking your dog and/or going to a gym.
I don't even do that! I am worse off than I thought.......
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I Have No Life - Really Don't Know Where My Life Is Going Anymore?

Postby Manfried » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:45 pm

Join a activity lool I feel the same why about wasting my life ooh well what can you do, why not look in to religion (Islam) it might help you :)

Yolo bro
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