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I have just been dx with hep c and non alcohol fatty liver and gall stones. I am lost, I dont fit into any cat?

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I have just been dx with hep c and non alcohol fatty liver and gall stones. I am lost, I dont fit into any cat?

Postby somerled99 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:06 am

I have no clue how I got it, I dont fit into any high risk group. But I have had many surgeries on my bladder and other organs, to my knowledge I have never had a blood transfusion due to my religous beliefs. Now I am scared, I worry that I may have passed this on to my loved ones. I guess I am just very scared of what is ahead of me.
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I have just been dx with hep c and non alcohol fatty liver and gall stones. I am lost, I dont fit into any cat?

Postby jesiah » Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:10 am

Hepatitis C....

Hep C is a virus that goes inside the body &
uses a patients reproductive machinery of the liver
cell to replicate itself. When it uses that cell, the cell
dies and it moves onto to others. You can tell how
much virus there is by learning your "viral load" by
blood tests.
It is found in almost all body fluids, blood,
blood products, hemodialysis, needle sticks
or tattoos, contaminated colonscope, accupuncture
or during surgery.
It can be transmitted through intercourse, but it is rare.
( mucosal barrier is broken) It is best that men use
a condom. Hep C is usually not transmitted by sneezing,
coughing, hugging, eatting utensils or casual contact.

Family members should be tested to be sure they
have not contacted the virus. However, more than
one test should be taken over time to be positive,
because when first contacted, the viral load might
not be enough to show up as yet.

Therapy is drugs like pegylated interferon, Ribavirin,
Telaprevir, and Boceprevir.

Hep C virus doesn't normally progress as fast as
other liver diseases do....some people can live 20 to
30 years before the develop "serious" damage to the

Links, you can click on:
Movie about the liver and Hepatitis C, with others to choose after
this movie is done:

NAFLD or Non alcohol causes of fatty liver disease:

The causes are usually...weight gain, obesity, fast
weight loss, malnourishment, high cholesterol/triglyceride
levels, diabetes, insulin resistance, certain kinds of
medications, sometimes pregnancy, and others.

Simple fatty liver doesn't really cause a problem in the
liver. However, as fat builds up inside the liver, it can
damage the liver cells. When the liver cells are
damaged, the immune system of the body will respond to
this. It causes inflammation inside the liver which will
cause the liver to enlarge in size. This is, then, no longer
simple fatty liver...it is Steatohepatitis. STeato stands
for fat, hepat stands for liver, itis stands for inflammation.

Following the doctors instructions on how to reverse this
is best now. Sometime changes in diet, use of medications,
& other things can help this.

NASH stands for Non alcoholic causes of Steatohepatitis

Links to click on:


Gallstones usually do not cause a problem when inside
the gallbladder, as far as pain in concerned. The pain starts
when they move out into the bile ducts & obstruct the
flow of bile, which can back up into the liver & cause
liver cell damage. If the gallbladder is full of stones, it
is best to have the gallbladder removed. If the stones
are in the duct, sometimes they can remove the stones
with a procedure known as ERCP. However, people do
pass these stones on their own, at times.
Surgical Treatment: http://www.markfuscomd.com/cholecytectomy.htm

The doctor does blood testing:
1) the liver enzymes tests (known as the ALT, AST, GGT,
and Alkaline Phosphatase) should show if there is damage
to the liver/biliary cells.
2) the liver function tests (known as the Bilirubin, INR,
Albumin, Pt, Ptt) will show how well the liver cells are
able to perform the many functions of the liver.
3) and the liver viral blood tests to check for
Hepatitis A,B,C,etc virus in the liver.
To look up these tests to learn more about them, just
place the name of the tests I mentioned here and it
should explain each one:

All the above can cause liver cell damage. This is
what can take place:
The liver cells become damaged, the immune system
of the body will respond to this damage and cause
inflammation inside the liver...this leads to the
liver enlarging in size. (Can be seen on an ultrasound
or Ct scan). As the inflammation progresses,
the liver cells may die off & form scar tissue inside
the liver. The scar tissue that develops in the liver
will start to block the flow of blood through the liver on
its way back to the heart & also to the functioning liver
cells, so they continue to die off. This disease then
becomes an irreversible disease of Liver Cirrhosis.

Links to click on:

I hope this information is of some help to you.
Best wishes
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