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I Can't Stop Binge Eating, Help!!!??!?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

I Can't Stop Binge Eating, Help!!!??!?

Postby Tomeo » Sat May 27, 2017 5:33 am

So I am 15 years old, weigh about 118lbs, and I am about 5'7.5"/5'8" tall. For about 5 years of my life I remember binging food at every meal. I used to secretly steal food from shops or the kitchen and eat it for myself. The worst was friends places - I could eat so much of their food at meals, and I'd steal heaps more - specifically junk food - when I was meant to be asleep.

I was about 155kg when I had enough will power to stop this, and I started trying to eat healthier and exercise more often. I managed to drop quite a bit of weight. I got down to 110lbs, which is where I was 2 weeks before Christmas last year, and could fit a size 6(Australian - so a US size 2). To get there I was eating between 700-1300cals a day, but it could go as low as 400cals a day on occasions. I was also doing gym.

The thing is, people started to notice and say I was too skinny, even though I thought I was still fat (which I was). People even tried to accuse me of having an eating disorder. Well, I got too weak to go to gym, and so that membership got cancelled.

All in all, I began to eat more, 1500cals a day give or take some. But soon that wasn't enough. Each time someone told me I was super skinny I'd use it as an excuse to eat more. It happened often. Not to mention majority of my closest friends are all chubby or overweight/obese, and my family and theirs.

Well, for the past 6 months I've been fluctating from 114lbs to 120lbs and I've been bingeing most nights of the week. I've also been taking food in secret again, and my depression has returned (um, when I used to binge and secretly eat I was also cutting myself and depressed), yeah I'm cutting myself again occasionally.

An example? Friday night I went to an overweight friends house, and after eating healthy at school all day I had a turkish delight, grain waves, grapes, 6 bite-size cadbury chocolates, ice-cream, red rooster chips, red rooster nuggets, a jam sandwich and a piece of bread with chicken on it. And a milo.

Saturday I wanted to do better. Went to the shops with mum, had 2 cappucino's, a ham&cheese toasted sandwich, some frozen birds-eye **** for dinner. and hot chocolate and more coffee and stuff at home.

Sunday I had coffee, cappucino, sausage roll, cappucino, frozen birds-eye **** and frozen peas for dinner. then went to overweight friends place and had a whole garlic bread, like legit, full-length. AtLEAST 1000cals in that alone. plus a milo.

Then today(monday) I had a bowl of cornflakes and a coffee for breakfast. followed by 9 nuggets and a slice of ice-cream cake at an overweight friends birthday party. Then birds-eye frozen **** for dinner. A plum. 4 cookies worth of cookie dough. And 6 cooked cookies.

This is my average weekend. I need help. I think I have overeating disorder maybe? OR I am just a greedy pig?HELP! I need to stop, I HATE MYSELF!!
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I Can't Stop Binge Eating, Help!!!??!?

Postby Harold » Sat May 27, 2017 5:34 am

Try eating grapes or fruits, try to stay away from all that bad food.
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I Can't Stop Binge Eating, Help!!!??!?

Postby Jaap » Sat May 27, 2017 5:35 am


I'm not an expert, but I know a little about binge eating. Your problem was never that you were overweight (118 is thin) but that binge eating is unhealthy. You probably know that, so I'm gonna stop being obvious?

You probably have BED or binge eating disorder. This is a medical disorder, and it's not anything that you did wrong. Its not just you being a "greedy pig". If you read teen vogue or 17 (can't remember which one, but there both American teen magazines...they might have them where you live to...I have no idea) anyway there was a recent article about this disorder. Your not alone. BED can be harder to beat than anorexia. But, it can require counseling. Tell your parents about the, and that you think Yu have a problem. You will get through this! You need to stop hating yourself and thinking that it's your fault. Also, as you know, cutting is very serios, as is depression.

I hope I helped!
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I Can't Stop Binge Eating, Help!!!??!?

Postby Odhert » Sat May 27, 2017 5:40 am

try eating 6 times a day with 2 hand fulls per meal,

and you are binging because you cant control yourself, HAVE SELF CONTROL, if you are hungry dont eat the whole plate, eat 1/4 and drink alot of water so you wont be tempted of eating more!. oh drink 1 glass of water before eating.

dont drink alot of sugar(coffee, cappucino) IM PALM FACING RIGHT NOW SERIOUSLY!

where is your 1500cal/day if you "went to overweight friends place and had a whole garlic bread, like legit, full-length. AtLEAST 1000cals in that alone. plus a milo."

i live in a house with 4 boxes of soda cans per 2 weeks and guess what, i only drink water or juice(2 scoops or powder orange/day) sometimes, and i stay away from sugery food, 1 sweet dessert every 2 days only, sometimes 3,

the key here is to STOP EATING WHEN YOU THINK IT WAS ENOUGH instead of stopping when you are so full ur stomach is bulging like a pig,
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I Can't Stop Binge Eating, Help!!!??!?

Postby Ignado » Sat May 27, 2017 5:42 am

Maybe you have diabetes? Increased hunger is a big symptom of it.

You seem like an emotional eater. I remember whenever I would have depression, all I would want to do was eat and eat and eat.

Cut out all the sugary foods and see how you feel for awhile, that could be the culprit right there.
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I Can't Stop Binge Eating, Help!!!??!?

Postby Hackett » Sat May 27, 2017 5:43 am

when you want to binge count to 100 with eyes closed

if you still need to bing- binge on low calories foods; such as diet foods and fruits

tell your parents about your problem

i went through the same- my parents wereglad that i was gaining weight from being really skinny but when i explained i was binge eating they helped me.

also talk to your doctor- binge eating is a mental problem which they can help you with

much luck x
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I Can't Stop Binge Eating, Help!!!??!?

Postby Sylvester » Sat May 27, 2017 5:45 am

Uuu started binging again because you're underweight. You dont see it, but you are. The lowest someone 5'8 should be is 124. Your body is starving and therefore you subconsciously stuff yourself to nourish it. 1500 also is not enough for someone your height and age to maintain on. I'm a little older and a half inch taller and maintain on 2500.
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