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How Too Fix Up Y Html Site Please :(?

How Too Fix Up Y Html Site Please :(?

Postby Coire » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:16 am

how do i fix this site up and get an image that works and says "digital humanities" off google images too be on top off the site? any help or improvements you could make would be great :)

An introduction to ?Digital Humanities?- what is it and why is it important.

Humanities computing

A history of Digital Humanities:

The use of computing to the humanities originated approximately 60 years ago, in the late 1940?s when Father Roberto Busa, a Jesuit scholar, began working towards the Index Thomisticus, a concordance with critical edition to the works of St. Thomas Aquinas. Busa wished too note and examine the use and amount of particular words such as praesens and praesentia In Aquinas?s corpus, which was over 10.6million words long.

A definition of Digital Humanities:

The key tools and practices of DH:

Text encoding:

Michael Sperberg-McQueen describes text encoding as a mechanism for ?representing the characters of a text and its logical and physical structure.? This basically means text encoding is a way of creating abstract models of computer-readable texts and the logical relationships within those texts. We use these models to define how documents should be structured as they are written (as with Standardized General Markup Language or SGML), or how to display them in a web browser (as with HyperText Markup Language or HTML), or to indicate important pieces of textual data (as with Text Encoding Initiative or TEI). Markup language is never displayed to the casual reader?it?s hidden away for the cognoscenti to find and disparage. (For what?s the fun of being in the cognoscenti if you don?t get to ***** about other people?s mark-up skills?)

Brief history of text encoding:

The Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange (referred to as the TEI Guidelines) were first published in 1994 and represent a tremendous achievement in electronic text standards by providing a highly sophisticated structure for encoding electronic text. Digital librarians have benefited greatly from the standardization provided by these guidelines, and the potential for interoperability and long-term preservation of digital collections facilitated by their wide adoption. In 1998, the Digital Library Federation (DLF) sponsored the TEI and XML in Digital Libraries Workshop at the Library of Congress to discuss the use of the TEI Guidelines in libraries for electronic text, and to create a set of best practices for librarians implementing them. From this workshop, three working groups were formed the members of which represented some of the largest and most mature digital library programs in the U.S. Group 2 was charged with developing a set of recommendations for libraries using the TEI Guidelines in electronic text encoding. This group included the following representatives from six libraries:

? Perry Willett, Indiana University (chair)

? LeeEllen Friedland, Library of Congress

? Nancy Kushigian, University of California, Davis

? Christina Powell, University of Michigan

? David Seaman, University of Virginia

? Natalia Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Digital humanities projects:

Despite our remarkable technological progress in the past century and the growth of digital culture in the past decade, a large portion of humanity?s richest cultural heritage remains buried in analog archives. Bridging the disconnect is a fledgling discipline known as the Digital Humanities, bringing online historical materials and using technologies like infrared scans, geolocation mapping, and optical character recognition to enrich these resources with related information or make entirely new discoveries about them.


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How Too Fix Up Y Html Site Please :(?

Postby Suidhne » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:17 am

I presume you mean the image here: ?

The location of the image in respect to your webpage must be defined here, so for example if the web page is in the root folder of your site and the image is in a folder named images and is called 1bb.jpg, then you should write:

If you are creating the site on your PC, then you will need to write the location of the image in respect to your PC. If you're also asking how to get the image from google images, and assuming it's not copyright, then go to the image on google, right click on it and select 'save image as". Once downloaded to your pc, open the image, right click on it then select 'prpoperties'. It will show you the location of the image and you should add \image-name.jpg

ps. I copied your code and added the image, see the link below. You can right click the page and 'view source' to see how i added it. I downloaded the image from google, renamed it digit.jpg, uploaded it to a folder named images in my root folder, then added the location /images/digit.jpg

Will remove the page tomorrow to give you time to view it.
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