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How To Stop Receiving Spam?

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How To Stop Receiving Spam?

Postby ealuvig71 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:22 am

1: Never ever try to unsubscribe from junk mail! Those mails are often sent randomly without knowing if they reach a real mail account. By answering such mails or trying to unsubscribe, you are letting the sender know that your account exists. Not only may he send you more junk in the future, but he will also sell your address to other spammers!

2: Yahoo has a spamguard filter, but only if multiple users report an address as spam will it be treated as such by the filter.

You have a personal list for blocking addresses in spam options. If you ever receive anything from those addresses in the future, it will be deleted automatically, you won't even notice when you got some more crap from them. One problem though: the list of blocked addresses is limited to 500 and spammers often change their address. So you must sometimes delete some of the older blocked addresses to make room for new ones.

Go to this link where everything is explained in detail: http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=topi...

3: The Federal Trade Commission (www.ftc.gov) is supposed to help you eliminate spam mails. Forward spam to: [email protected], in the subject line enter something like "unsubscribe link results in more spam", "unwanted spam message", "no unsubscribe link" or something similar.

Here's how to do the forwarding bit: click the crtl key and at the same time click the "forward" button to forward a message as an attachment, mac users should click the "apple" key and click "forward" simultaneously.

When the FTC gets your mail, they will look into the matter and when they find out who the spamming source is, they will take legal actions.

4: Check Mailwasher, it helps to eliminate spam from your inbox...

Set up your email account(s) in MailWasher and hit the "Check Mail" button. It then downloads all new message headers and displays message details alongside each one (priority, subject, from, to, etc.). Any email that MailWasher considers to be spam is highlighted for easy sorting.

Two checkboxes are located next to each message header: "Delete" and "Bounce". If you click "Delete" the email will be marked for deletion, click "Bounce" and the mail will be marked for bouncing - a fake "address not found" email will be sent to the sender. Once you have decided what to bounce and delete, click "Process Mail" to get it done and your mail client launched for downloading all accepted emails.

MailWasher has a "blacklist" and a "friends list" to enter good and bad email addresses. Addresses in the blacklist are marked for deletion, and addresses in the friends list will be marked as okay. Filters can be set to increase MailWasher's effectiveness. You can have email addressed to "undisclosed recipients" automatically deleted and bounced for example.

Note: the program is free but limited to one email account. MW Pro supports multiple mail accounts. http://www.mailwasher.net/

Interesting read about mail filters and tools for various systems:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-spam_techniques - Wiki about anti-spam techniques, scroll down to "statistical content filtering, Bayesian spam filtering" - mailwasher is one of these free tools...
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How To Stop Receiving Spam?

Postby Telutci » Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:23 am

Close your electronic mail account and do not use the internet. That is the one everlasting approach to discontinue junk mail. Unsolicited mail in keeping with the anti-spam authorities, we are seeing a long way extra unsolicited mail mails now than ever earlier than. And the spammers are becoming more clever about getting prior the junk mail filters. That is why extra spam is making it to the Inbox as a substitute of going straight to the majority/unsolicited mail folder, and why some of your just right mails are ending up within the Bulk/junk mail folder. There are a number of common things we will all do to hold unsolicited mail to a minimum... 1. Spam mails that go straight to the majority/junk mail folder will have to be left there, unopened. That you can empty that folder any time you want, however never by no means open junk mail mails. Don't try to unsubscribe from some thing and do not click any hyperlinks in those mails. 2. Unsolicited mail mails that land in your Inbox must be marked as unsolicited mail in order that they are moved to the bulk/spam folder and their addresses positioned on the Blocked list. (blockading an tackle prevents mails from being got from that address sooner or later.) three. Any email that you are in the slightest degree suspicious about should be deleted immediately. Do not let curiosity get the simpler of you. Effortlessly opening a junk mail email out of curiosity signals the spammers that you've an active electronic mail deal with to which they are going to ship plenty of unsolicited mail mail at some point. Open emails most effective from these you recognize and believe. Spammers have computerized scripts that send emails out using a "dictionary attack". This implies their script simply sends out lots of emails to quite a lot of combos of numbers and letters at one-of-a-kind domains. Sort of like if you simply start calling phone numbers starting with 100-100-0000 then 100-one hundred-0001, etc. They don't know what's a legitimate e mail tackle and what is no longer. Whilst you reply to 1 (try to unsubscribe, or replying again telling them how you hate them), you at the moment are confirming your email handle is a real, are living e-mail tackle. They've specified lists of those, in view that they know they're guaranteed real. They then promote those lists to different spammers at a top rate. Then you get more spam!
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