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How To Make My Betta Healthier?

How To Make My Betta Healthier?

Postby Micah » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:18 pm

How big of a tank do you have?

He will be happier in a bigger tank. Because the bigger the tank is the more stable it is.

I used to have mine in a 1g, but even though he was living he was not happy. His finds were fine and he was eating, but he was not thriving you know?

I now have mine in a 5.5 g. The tank is cycled (I will link a great website and what the nitrogen cycle is at the bottom of my comment) filled with nice green live plants like anubias, java ferns (lace java ferns, narrow leaf java ferns, and java moss), I have rotala indica, duckweed, salvia water moss, and bacopa. Some are tied to driftwood others are stem plants. I also have driftwood covered in java moss. The tank has a heater and I keep my tank at 79-80 degrees F. I have an underground filter where I put some air control valves to moderate the flow thus not having a big current. I have T8 as lights and dose liquid fertilizers and CO2.

I even have a friend for my fish. My Betta is not aggressive toward my mystery snail.
He does his snaily thing and my Betta only looks at him. I was glad he did nothing to the snail. My Betta is just not as aggressive, but it really depends on the Betta. They are all different. Mine is a green/black copper half-moon vail-tail male.

I feed my fish frozen blood-worms and frozen brine-shrimp as treats and give him full life spectrum pellets.

To keep a fish nice and healthy he really needs a cycled tank.

Here are the links: Please read all of them this site has helped me cycle my tank they can help you too! Your fish will be happier. If you have any questions just e-mail me at [email protected]
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How To Make My Betta Healthier?

Postby deorwine12 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:19 pm

Stressed? Scared? What size is your Bettas Tank(bowl?)If you mean you change 'all' the water that's no good for any fish.

If you could add the additional info it may help, but if he is kept 'properly' he shouldn't be looking stressed or scared. This could lead to him becoming sick.
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How To Make My Betta Healthier?

Postby Alvino » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:20 pm

Get him a bigger tank

Get him some companion, like some females or community fish (I assume you have a male? Than 3-5 females would do, but 3-5 females and a male need 30G, and yes, it works, they wont fight, i have a sorority bettas by myself and know some people on the aquarium forum that also have a sorority betta's)

Get some living plants!! They're a must for a healthy aquarium!! They are NOT hard to keep, and dont just take 1 or 2, but like 5-10 and some moss on the bottom (depends on the size of your tank ofcourse, I have about 40 plants in my 30G)
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