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How To Lose Pectoral Muscle (pecs)?

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How To Lose Pectoral Muscle (pecs)?

Postby Odayle » Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:20 pm

First off, fat isn't in muscle. Fat lays on top of muscle, close to the skin. Second, muscular pecs usually won't result in a boob-esque shaping of your chest. Maybe your genetics formed this way, I don't know. But if you haven't engaged in weight lifting for the chest, I doubt it's an abundance of muscle. Most likely you just have a build-up of fat.

Nonetheless, I'll tell you how to decrease the size of both.

First off, eat less, eat healthier. Eating an entire pepperoni pizza isn't healthy. Eating some chicken or fish with a dry rub of seasonings and your favorite fruits/vegetables is going to much more healthy and taste better, believe it or not.

Once you're eating less and eating healthier, you can perform aerobic exercise, or cardio, to lose muscle mass. Aim for 10 minutes or more of continuous exercise to successfully perform cardio.

That's all you need to do.
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