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How To Become A Competitive Figure Skater At The Age Of 17?

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How To Become A Competitive Figure Skater At The Age Of 17?

Postby micah » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:03 pm

Hello World! So, as you may know, my question is, how do you become a competitive figure skater at the age of 17? Now, I know what you're thinking; this girl has no experience......WRONG! I have been figure skating since I was ten years old. So far, I have completed all of my free skate tests up to Jr.Bronze and am working on my Sr.Bronze stuff. My double sal-chow has come and gone and am still working on it. Oh, and just so you know, I DO have a high-quality pair of Jackson's figure skates, although I think it's time for a new pair; I think the blades were aligned wrong when I got them about 2 and a half years ago. Anyways, As far as dance goes, I am on my Sr. Silver dances, and have passed the killian and am working on the Paso Doble, and the Starlight waltz. So, a few more dances from the Sr.Silver and then I am on my Gold and Diamond (For the record, I have never failed a dance or skills test, however I did not test my skills for the past two years and I have only tested one dance in the past two years ( and passed ) ). As far as my Skills go, I believe i am on my Sr. Silver. I am SO READY to test these, I've been practicing them for two years. And also I am on my Bronze for Interpretive. So, all in all, That's kindof where I am sitting at. Here are some of the things I believe I can do well:

Backspin (Very Good, centred and fast. Hard to do the little hops in them though for practicing jumps)

Corkscrew (Very good, sometimes it is not centered though).

Lay-back (Used to be good, now its not very centered and i cant usually finish it because i fall. The form of it is improving but i have trouble keeping my free leg out and graceful.)

Sit-spin (Ok. not very fast and the form could improve, but its good enough to pass a test. I can change it into a back-sit spin but that part im not very good at. I can do about 5 slow spins and thats it.)

Camel Spin (Can do about 5 rotations until I fall out of it, it has very nice form :) )

Flying camel spin (Suprisingly better than my camel spin. usually i get about 10-14 faster rotations. )

HairCutter (Cannot do this at all. I fail at it. Im working on my flexibility, its difficult to grab my foot in the spin)


Axel: Ok. Form in the air looks like a flamingo. Too much power, and then when i go into it i pretty much stop myself, but i still land it with grace).

Double Sal Chow. (I usually end up doing a flamingo and end up landing on the wrong foot.)

Double Toe-loop. (Havent figured this one out yet...)

Double Flip: (My biggest and nicest jump yet.)

Double loop: (Sideways. when i land i usually always fall over.)

Double Lutz: (Not there yet.)

Split Jump: AWESOME!

Footwork: Needs alot of work. Not so quick on my feet

I am really fast and graceful when doing stroking (=

My flexibility needs work. I can do the splits one way, and i can grab my foot from behind my head, but i know becoming more flexible is key.

Please also know that I only skate during the winter months and I skate in a small town. This is what I would like my goal to be: I would like to compete in bigger cities winning silver or gold by the time i am 18-19 doing jr silver or sr. silver for freeskate in those competitions. I would like to be able to pass all of my dance and skills by that time as well.

I want to be one of those skaters who people would say, "Wow, she is really good."

Do you think with this amount of experience that i would be able to do it?

Also know that this comming season i am getting new figure skates.

Thanks so much for reading!! :)

To add, it may also help to know how tall i am and how much i weigh so that you can compare to someone who is very good at skating. I Know I need to lose more weight. I am 5'5 and 1/2 and i currently weigh 147 pounds. I know that some people when they figure skate that they have to work hard during puberty that it skips them but thats not the case for me. Anyways, thanks!
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How To Become A Competitive Figure Skater At The Age Of 17?

Postby Mainchin » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:11 pm

You could compete, but at this point it's not realistic for you to compete in the competitive stream and achieve your goals. STARskate competitions are a good option though.

Your goals for tests seem realistic, however you're going to have to work really hard. You didn't mention how many times a week you skate, but if you're skating a reasonable amount for your level, that shouldn't be a problem.

Mos of the times, reaching your goals in skating isn't about how experienced you are. It's about how determined you are to reach them, how much you practice, and how much you listen to your coaches. Of course, experience, along with eating healthy foods and getting enough rest, help, but they're not the only things that will limit how much you progress.

Also, if you really want to achieve these goals, off-season schools like spring and fall schools (summer too, but most people don't like those), are great ways to keep progressing past the usual October to march sessions.

Good luck and I hope this helps!
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How To Become A Competitive Figure Skater At The Age Of 17?

Postby Edmond » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:20 pm

Talk to your coach
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How To Become A Competitive Figure Skater At The Age Of 17?

Postby Reymond » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:31 pm

You should talk to your coach about your goals and come up with a plan together!

Good luck!
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