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How Much Could I Get If I Sold This?

How Much Could I Get If I Sold This?

Postby Gaylord » Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:11 am

I need money and I rarely play xbox anymore and was wondering where i could sell all this to get the best deal and the most money

I have a Xbox 360 slim 250 gb with the black gloss

Border lands 2

dead island



cod 4

black ops

cod World at War

battlefield 3

midnight club la

halo anniversary edition cbe

gta IV with the ballad of gay tony

New wireless controller features an improved D-pad and a gray and black finish instead of a white finish with multicolored buttons ( black and white buttons)

controller charger with the cord that connect to the controller to the xbox

Turtle beach x32

these are all in perfect condition and all of the games work perfectly with no scratches because im VERY careful with them

Thanks for the help guys please post reasonable answers thanks :)
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How Much Could I Get If I Sold This?

Postby Corlan » Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:18 am

Xbox Slim - 195

Border Lands 2 - 30

Dead Island - 25

MW3 - 40

MW2 - 25

Black Ops - 30

Battlefield 3 - 35

Midnight Club L.A - 25

Halo - 40

GTA IV - 35

Controller w/ charger - 50

Turtle Beach x32 - 50

Total Price = 580

Go to a local GameStop and ask them if they want to buy it in a bundle for like 500 bucks.
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