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How Many Exercises Should You Do For Each Muscle Group?

How Many Exercises Should You Do For Each Muscle Group?

Postby MacGregor » Wed May 31, 2017 3:53 pm

Definition comes from the loss of subcutaneous body fat and that comes from diet.

The key to fat loss is not exercise, it's diet.

Any exercise will burn calories but no exercise will burn fat unless your diet allows it. You can burn fat in your sleep or you can run all day and never burn any fat. It all depends on your diet.

Fat loss is determined by calorie control, not by exercise. Good exercises for burning calories are speed walking, biking, swimming, dancing, etc. and ANY other physical activity which makes you move a lot of weight for a long time. But NO exercise is good for burning fat if you eat too many calories because you can always eat more calories than you can burn but you can't always burn as many as you take in.

Too many people waste energy and time because they do not understand this one simple point. The result is too often giving up in frustration, abandoning gym memberships they continue to pay for, and many other unnecessary problems not the least of which is a lack of success.

An average person must walk about five miles every day for a week to burn the calories equivalent to a pound of body fat. So, unless you think walking about five miles a day (or doing an equivalent amount of exercise) with no guarantee of fat loss makes sense, focus your fat loss program on diet.

Diet for fat loss. Exercise for fitness.

Continue building muscle because it does not preclude fat loss and provides more muscle to be defined. And, above all, ignore anything you've ever learned from bodybuilding websites, magazines, gym rats, etc. There is more bad information in the bodybuilding world than good which is probably why you said what you said about building definition rather than size. The two are NOT incompatible.

To find out how the best minds in nutrition in the world (at the US NIH) have recommended for decades we lose fat, read my answer about how to lose fat --> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...

I can't answer the question about how many exercises you should do because to do so, I would have to create a program for you from scratch and I don't have enough information to be able to do that assuming I had the time which I don't. What I can tell you is you should do at least one and as many as 2 or 3 for the major muscle groups. However, never do more than one set to failure of each exercise. You shouldn't be spending more than 1-2 hours per week training for strength.

You should study.

Your body has no choice but to follow your brain. So, you should feed your brain a steady diet of good information if you want to be all you can be. It's YOUR body and it has to last a lifetime so it's worth the investment. Don't ask questions of random strangers with no credibility in this or other online forums. Use high quality resources for information instead. The basic principles of health, fitness, and nutrition are not that difficult or hard to understand.

Avoid the internet unless you're using trusted sites in dot gov or dot edu domains. The dot coms are usually driven by profit motive and you'll find bad information in most websties including WebMD, Livestrong, Bobybuilding.com, etc. and especially in this forum and others like it. And, avoid magazine and other cheap commercial informational products about fitness, glamour, muscle building, fashion and fads. Don't be part of the "herd" unless you want to look, feel, and perform like the "herd".

Use books, especially late edition text books on subjects such as nutrition, anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology...especially exercise physiology. You can find excellent information resources at your local public or Uni library or for sale cheap online at Amazon.com and Ebay.com.

Always follow the science. Use critical thinking. Be skeptical and do not believe anything without cross checking it with trusted sources. Grow your personal knowledge base and everything else will follow with relative ease.

You have one body and it has to last a lifetime. It's worth the investment to learn how to care for it properly.

For more information, check out the following links.

Body by Science: http://www.bodybyscience.net/home.html/?...

Drew Baye: http://baye.com/

Mike Mentzer: http://www.mikementzer.com/aerobic.html

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_intensity_training

Good luck and good health!!

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How Many Exercises Should You Do For Each Muscle Group?

Postby Bartholomew » Wed May 31, 2017 4:18 pm

You don?t have any excuse any longer for consuming excellent, healthy and all this while you are dropping excess weight and tonific your entire body.
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