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How Have My Parents Completely Forgotten My Depression?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

How Have My Parents Completely Forgotten My Depression?

Postby aodh » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:54 am

I was bullied from age 7 to 14 that led to allsorts of problems and health issues and I went through hell and back. Now I'm 17 and just about getting over it all. I was severely depressed during a lot of it and the only reason I'm still alive today is because of the people at ChildLine. My parents knew there was stuff going on but I was a secretive kid and I thought that all my problems were something to be embarrassed about and were my fault and responsibility so I kept it all bottled up. Last October I lost my two best friends because it turned out that they really weren't good friends at all. I was distraught and I'm still really upset about it but it definitely knocked my confidence and started my feeling crap about myself again. Soon after I gained weight which has been a long-term issue but gaining it back made me feel even worse. Now, recently, my younger brother has fallen into anxiety and he's on the verge of depression. He's far from how bad I was but I've been trying to help him before he reaches that point because I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.Anyway, my brother is a lot more open than me so my parents know about everything going on. I've been trying to give them advice from the sufferer's perspective but they've been shutting me out and telling me to grow up and that I'm just attention seeking and that I was never half as bad as him and there was never anything wrong with me. They're just making me feel like absolute crap and it's scaring me because I know that if I fall back into that depression it will literally take years to get back out. I've already started with the self-harming unintentionally [just small things that amount to bigger things] and it's scaring me because I hate it and it's not something I physically try to do, I feel like I'm already losing control over the situation. I've already been on with Childline since I've realised it but I know I only have two years until I'm too old for them but I literally owe them my life and I'm scared I'll still need help when I'm older if I don't sort this now.

I'm just really panicking now that if my parents are saying it never happened, was it all in my head? I just feel like an absolute mess.
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How Have My Parents Completely Forgotten My Depression?

Postby Vallen » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:56 am

bullies are all assholes

best thing to do is learn self defense or karate

dont let other people go through wat u have gone through if some one is bullying any one wether u know him or not kick the bullies butt so hell never bully any one agian]
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How Have My Parents Completely Forgotten My Depression?

Postby Bradon » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:00 am

visit blackdogtribe.com to get online support. Also visit yourlifeyourvoice.org to talk to a free online councellor. Look up exercise and depression, it releases endorfins which improve mood and brain chemistry. Also look up art therapy, channelling what yr feeling into something creative helps yr brain process the negativity in yr head, even if yr not good at art; a could technique is doodling it brings yr thoughts into the present stopping u dwelling on the past and yr problems. If yr self esteem is low do and learn new things, small at first, this will give u a sense of achievement...Find some volunteer work, helping others or nature builds self esteem, it looks good on yr CV, it gives perspective, u ll meet nice new people and it gives u life experience and something to talk about, the more experiences u have the more empowered u will feel. And volunteer work gives good karma. U don't have to believe in God but finding some spirituality helps and good karma is a good start. When u find things that help come on here and share with the other troubled people, more good karma. Join clubs, groups, classes and activities in yr community were u ll meet likeminded people and have new things in yr life. U could even challenge yrself by joining activities u wouldnt normally be interested in. Also meetup.com or their app is great for finding meet ups of groups who have the same problems or interests as u... Don't be afraid to go to yr doctor and be totally honest, they ll understand and be able to help, medication or a change of medication can work wonders. A journey of self discovery is a good thing to do. Try different ways of living until u find one that makes sense. People have all kinds of reasons for living. And the journey of self dicovery is half the reward. Read The Magic by Rhona Byrne it has helped alot of people. And playing computer games has been shown to help with depression. Good luck
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