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How Can I Reduce How Stressed I Get?

How Can I Reduce How Stressed I Get?

Postby Tristen » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:53 am

I have bad acne, & I do try to take care of it but I have heard that stress makes acne worst & I never really took that to heart because the truth is that I am usually stressing all the time . I worry about how ugly people think I am, but I am done worrying about that because true beauty lies within & I want to heal myself for my own benefit . Also, I get down a lot because I am easily influenced by others & I lost someone close to me so I cry a lot about that . I want to start over by eating better, drinking a lot of water& just trying to not stress , but since I have never lived the carefree happy lifestyle, I need some advice on how to do that .... ? Thank you very much . Btw, I am fifteen years old but I'm turning sixteen next month!:)
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How Can I Reduce How Stressed I Get?

Postby Rockland » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:54 am

Yoga is a good way to relax.
Deep Breathing Exercises have always been known to have an amazing relaxation effect.
There are many sites & books that teach this, including those for stress release, meditation and Zen and other healing philosophy, like Tai Chi.

All of these things are good for you and yes, you can start them even when you're as young as you are.
Jogging is also nice, as long as you're in a good, safe neighborhood!

But Yoga and Chi are much slower and so very relaxing, it takes little talent to get started, esp. if there is a good teacher involved.
Sometimes these are offered free at Churches and if you're in a city then you might even see the old Asian people doing slow moves in the park in the morning.
And these days they have them in gyms and dance studios.
It might be nice for you to find a place that leans on the "health " side of things, if you actually go up and study this.
Dance is also a great thing, as you know its there for any age and body type.

The Yoga lifestyle in general is good for people, and some of these healthy habits could stay with you till you're old, which you'll be healthy in, because you were practicing for so long.

The best thing to do is not just take someone's advise, but google them yourself and decide for yourself if its worth a try at this time.
If you want to start learning but you're not sure, ask someone you trust like a therapist, pastor, someone else.
Most of these are simple exercises that you can make last as long as you like.
But don't stay up too late doing meditation or you might be rushing in the morning for school! Even spirituality takes some planning.
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How Can I Reduce How Stressed I Get?

Postby Ludwik » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:03 am

consult with somebody you believe, work together in helpful interests, avert severe alcohol, discover techniques of litterally lowering stress with the aid of better time administration and keeping off stressful circumstances if achieveable. Get a lot of sleep and consume precise - thats quite super unquestionably. Comedy - I constantly advise moving into touch with your humorousness, it works wonders to appreciate a thank you to snigger. you additionally can study to meditate, practice martial arts or basically actual activity in many circumstances. Spirituality is a robust place to discover ease. specifically circumstances i like to easily have a staggering warm tub with a chilly beer. wide-unfold sexual intercourse facilitates me out. don't be afraid to destroy your self each now and returned too.
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