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How Can I Influence Growth Spurt?

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How Can I Influence Growth Spurt?

Postby Balfor » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:13 pm

I'm Male, 16 and only 5"5'. I know that the main factor is from genetics but there must be a way to increase the chances. I don't believe that I've had a 'spurt' of more than 1 inch in a year throughout puberty but I've grown hair from top to bottom and facial hair is starting to come along. So is there something wrong with me or am I just a late bloomer maybe? I try to get my 8 hours a night and drink a glass of milk before and after bed. I usually eat healthy and keep away from fatty foods due to my bad metabolism where I gain a lot of weight after eating without burning it. I play sports four times a week and go for a jog once every few days and I try to go for a walk every two days. I'm praying to god that I can get a growth spurt as soon as possible but I've accurately measured myself November last year (4 months ago) and I haven't grown a centimeter!

So are there anyways that I can get HGH in my body or influence a growth spurt?
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How Can I Influence Growth Spurt?

Postby renne » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:14 pm

You can do skipping,eat proteins and vitamins regularly
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How Can I Influence Growth Spurt?

Postby Gibbesone » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:21 pm

You really can't influence your height. Your either not meant to be tall or you may have a very late growth spurt but I doubt it. People pay tons of money for this lengthy, painful, and expensive treatment to make them 1-2 inches taller (by braking your bones and stretching them apart over and over letting them fill in each time). There's really no way to make your body grow.

Diet and sleep really have nothing to do with growing unless your simply starving and malnourished. As an American, nearly none of us are in that boat.

Side note- really milk? I'm tired of hearing about milk. It's biologically never meant to be consumed by humans let alone adults. It's breast milk for baby calves and has different levels of protein and fats than human breast milk and actually likely does more harm to us than good. For years, the big milk industry has convinced us that we somehow NEED to drink, as adults, the breast milk of another mammal. Who do you think pays for those big colorful "Got Milk?" posters at schools? Not, your school or the government but the milk industry who are obviously quite biased. No, I'm not crazy and I do consume plenty of dairy but I wrote a research paper on milk recently and now I wish people would understand that drinking cow's milk is not beneficial to us. You can find plenty of info supporting this with a quick Google search. Many scientific experiments have actually shown that drinking milk does no good in preventing nor treating osteoporosis which is commonly believed by many.
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How Can I Influence Growth Spurt?

Postby Aaron » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:23 pm

Unfortunately you can't make yourself significantly taller without dangerous surgery
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