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Help, I Feel So Awful. Please Read Situation:?

Help, I Feel So Awful. Please Read Situation:?

Postby Jenny-lee » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:53 am

Psych&Physical/Medical] HELP Headaches & Intestinal Pains ev day;No $ for health tests. Will I ever get better?

am I going to die soon?

will my quality of life continue to stay diminished from now on (I just feel like staying in bed all day, every day because of my headaches and intestinal issues... no one knows what I have)?

I have not done in the past and currently still don't do the following: drink or do drugs or take medication or sleep around or drink coffee or pop. I HAVE been eating fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water. I don't get it - WHY/how is it that I am still not healthy by now? I am not recuperating.

will my headache ever go away?

will my colon and stool and rectum get back to normal ?

should I just move to the west coast (my favorite city) and try to enjoy what little time I have left (probably). I DON'T want to die here in my hometown or home state.

I had plans since I was 16 to move to southern california and write a book and find a great guy and act in an original screenplay that I'd have written. I have accomplished none of these. At 25, I'm still boyfriendless, jobless, living at home, and have not even accomplished ONE of my goals.

Do I just stay around here longer WAITING for my healthy to get better and going to hospitals and doctors?? That could take me another 2 years or something!

Should I just take the first flight out of here and hope that I feel better in the sun, with a different climate, elevation, different people, etc.? I think they have better doctors out there but my dad's health insurance doesn't extend to doctors out there.

My dad has said numorous times that he can't afford to pay health/doctors bills (insurence only covers so much and we don't have the rest).

I have a few grand saved for moving to Cali; but I don't want to spend it on health tests and then just be stuck here with no money and unable to work because clearly my sickness is lingering

I'd rather spend the money to move over there, but I don't have the energy to apply for jobs or go to interviews or find housing...I feel sick. especially with my huge pressure headache
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Help, I Feel So Awful. Please Read Situation:?

Postby Hasan » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:19 am

Go see the doctor. Talk to the billing department beforehand to let them know you are poor but can pay $25 per month. Don't mention your cash stash. Just claim poverty. And call around for the best prices and look for a specialist that fits your symptoms.
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