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Has Anybody Seen Dr. Snyder In Denver For Bariatric Surgery?

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Has Anybody Seen Dr. Snyder In Denver For Bariatric Surgery?

Postby Mantel » Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:57 am

Hi there,

This isn't a direct answer to your question but i hope its helpful

I had Gastric Bypass Surgery in the UK in Leeds in October 2001, my was the barbiatric system a small stomach pouch

I weighed 120kg at the time and fell to 62kg.

The banding system is meant to be more effective than the system I went through and also they do key hole surgery now.

Be warned, the surgery isn't an excuse for sucking chocolate and what have you or eating what you want.

You can regain weight your stomach can also stretch I did regain about 18kg but have since lost 6kg of that nearly 7 years on its worked reasonably well for me I do get full but honestly it works more effective if you excercise and eat well don't snack. I have learnt that the hard way.

At first I could not eat meals so had to graize constantly throughout the day like a goat does with grass.

if you snack to much you can't hold your food down, and you will get dumping and vomiting.

I used to get dumping when I lost too much weight. I still throw up if I can't digest something

See it as an opportunity to change your eating habits good luck - I hear the lap banding is effective, the only downside is if it stretches - remember what I told you eat your breakfast, then lunch and then dinner try and have small portions what you don't finish throw away - best not to snack I have a treat once a week otherwise I try and be good - but am no saint

Its a life long challenge and I still have a weight problem some people will always have issues with my weight but am trying now to make my relationship more even sided so its no longer a demon for me
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