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Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Postby Senet » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:33 am

I feel terrible. I mean it seems like no girl likes me at all. I am Indian(from Punjab), 15 yrs old, love playing basketball, I bike, I workout, and I run Track. Last year I was named the best dresser in the entire 9th grade for the boys. Still, it seems that when it comes to girls, my chances are either slim or nonexistent. Another thing is that I love to see people smile, I want to make people smile. I was in love with this girl named Kelly last year and we were kind of good friends. I was a pussy for not being able to tell her the feelings for my heart. I told my friend how much I liked her. And he was like, "dude chill, you are not in love, the girl these days just get with you and go off." But i felt terrible, I knew and told him that Kelly would do no such thing, I loved her so much. Whenever I would play basketball I would say her name at the beginning of every game and before every shot. I made about every shot. We won about every single game. I felt lucky, so i took a shot and told her how I felt. I told her that no one in the world is as beautiful as her. I drove my bike 4 miles away from my house to buy her flowers from the nearest super market. I biked back all the way to her house with the roses in my hands when it was 45-50 degrees outside. When I delievered them, I told her how much she meant to me. Not only was her personality beyond words, she looked like Aphrodite herself. To my unlucky"ness", she told me that she liked someone else, but I was very sweet and a great guy. She said that she was sure that I would find a good girl, but I replied with, "I hope she is like you." Then she told me who she liked and how he hated her guts. She went out with him(Kyle) for about a week and he called her a 81tCH and left her. I told her how sorry I felt, and that I would do anything to make her feel better. I would even come over to the dudes house(he was my far freind) and talk to him. She told me that she would love if that happened. So it did, I told Kyle why would he do that. I told him to respect girls, I told him that love is something that should be cherished and not thrown away. You have broken her heart and now go fix it. He did, I got them back to be friends. after that moment, she was all smiles, something that I loved. It made me happy that although I could not achieve happiness with her, she achieved it with someone else. That made me proud. She told me alot of things after that, usually about what happened. She would ask me for "guidance" in a way, she asked me what to do. But when I bought up the topic of me liking her again, she told me that a ton of guys liked her and that she liked someone else. I broke down after that. WHY does this have to happen to me. Whenever others are around, I try to keep smiling, and make others smile. I love to see people laughing. Now i am just a broken kid. The only thing that is roaming round and round in my head day and night besides school work is the fact that why no girl likes me. Why is it because I am indian? Is it because i am a wimp at telling girls the way i feel? Or is it that I try my best to make people smile? Or is it that I have a very small mustasche coming in because of puberty? Why? Why? Why? i feel terrible now. I am not like the other guys, some guys smoke pot, and other dangerous drugs that i will never do, yet they get the cutest girls and break their heart in like a week. They get the best girls, while they are complete idiotic fools. It makes me mad, why i cant get a good girl that i love. Please help me, I have no idea why this is so. :( I am sorry for this long passage, but this is the only way i could portray my feelings. please girls? why is this happening to me? Why am i such a incompetent fool and cannot get any girl in the world? Thanks.
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Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Postby Mikhos » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:38 am

If she doesn't like you its her loss!!! and who said its because ur indian, i've had an indian boyfriend and he was the sweetest boyfriend i've ever had!!! My point is that u need to be patient and one day u will find the right girl...and don't run after this girl as she clearly isn't interested in you!! but cheer up xx
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Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Postby GIyn » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:39 am

Irregularity is usual. not having a era for 2 yrs isn't usual. Your physician does not look taking your situation heavily. Get a clean physician. in case you at the instant are not seeing a board qualified OBGYN i might advise that, quite than a chairman or DO. OBGYN certainly focus on womens well being. look smarty; OB/ GYN is an abbreviation for obstetrician/ gynecologist. An OB/ GYN's interest is to demonstrate for specific illnesses which includes cancers of the breasts, cervix, uterus, vagina and surrounding area. yet another significant area of an OB/ GYN's interest is to diagnose and cope with woman reproductive well being themes that contain sexually transmitted illnesses, menstrual themes, illnesses of the breasts, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, as properly as fertility issues, and premenstrual syndrome and menopause correct themes. I have no concept the place to procure the belief they wont see you in case you at the instant are not 18 yet that's a load of BS. each woman could make an appointment with their OB/ GYN each 12 months beginning up on the age of 21, or interior 3 years of sexual intercourse if decrease than age 21. it extremely is significant to return for annual Pap smears and pelvic exams in accordance to person innovations by utilising your OB/ GYN. additionally, seek for advice out of your OB/ GYN every time you experience something that may not usual for you or if have any questions approximately your reproductive well being.
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Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Postby Johannes » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:42 am

Darling... Please don't beat yourself up. You sound like an amazing guy... I mean, how many people will endure heat like that to deliver a bunch of roses to the girl he loves? Don't listen to your friend... If what you felt was love, you deserve the right to feel upset about it and he should accept that and help you.

No... Being Indian is nothing to do with the girl matter so drop that opinion about yourself. If you're not confident with yourself, girls won't like you. We love self confidence because then we know our guy will stand up for us like you did for your Aphrodite.

Again No... We don't care about facial hair or anything and the fact that you try to make everyone smile is very very sweet. Smiling is the best thing a person can do and believe me, girls love it when a guy makes them smile because as you said, those drug using guys won't take the time to make their girl smile.

Why don't you try flirting darling? Just go up to a pretty girl that you like and compliment her hair or eyes. We love being complimented because then we don't feel like a piece of meat for guys to stare at. It makes us more comfortable, trusting and happy. One simple compliment never fails to bring a smile to a girls face.

Hope this helped you.
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Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Postby Afham » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:43 am

give it time you'll find a girl. A problem indian guys have is bad hygiene so be sure you take showers everyday and shave your mustache keep your hair nice and clean. Also wear cologne. Girls like when guys take care of themselves. Cut your nails too if you haven't. idk just some advice that you mussstttt take oh and keep you teeth brushed as well! and ears!
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Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Postby Jed » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:46 am

You for one thing are not an incomplete fool you think you dont get girls or anything because just this 1 girl said no their are much more other girls out their and all the things that you did for her she was kinda rude and mean if you would of done tht for me i would of said yes :)
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Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Postby Berth » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:53 am

I feel you. I know the despair and desperation you are talking about. I'm 16 never dated, been asked out, or even liked (that I know of). i'm fairly attractive and have a sweet personality, yet the guys i know always go after the slutty, ditzy girls who are easy. even the decent guys don't go after me, ones that i think i might have a chance with. i don't get it. i don't understand what could be so repelling about me. The only advice i can offer is to just stick it out, things will look up, your time will come. There's someone out there for everyone, and i know that one day someone will give you - and me - a chance. we've just got to be patient and keep believing that the right one will show up.
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Girl Problem! Please Help..?

Postby Sunukkuhkau » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:55 am

Sometimes it seems like the nice guy always finishes last but truth is that although all girls seem to like the bad boy when they get older and want a more stable relaionship it is exactly a guy like you that they want to be with so don't change yourself for anyone. You seem like a lovely person and when Kelly gets her heart broken you can bet it is you she will look to as a shoulder to cry on so be there for her. Even if you have to be there for her time and time again if you want to be with her she will see that you were there in front of her all along.
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