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Feeling Really Depressed About Life Long Story?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

Feeling Really Depressed About Life Long Story?

Postby Kyrk » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:06 pm

im 17 years old my whole childhood i struggled with a weed addiction i finnaly quit at 16 and started playing basketball and exercising becouse i was 260 pounds and i wanted to straiten out my life I ALSO HAD A NBA DREAM i failed my sophmore year in highschool that year so i had to go to a school where its online and they help you out in the first semester i went in with 6.5 credits august-febuary i said **** school and starting march all the way to july i have 17 credits i really wanted to graduate this year with 24 credits i told my mom i would make her proud and i failed and that time i spent 8-10 hours at school becouse my school has diffrent times wen u can go to school 8-12 12-4 3-8 i stayed ALL SESSIONS GIVING UP BASKETBALL MADE ME GAIN ALL THE WEIGHT BACK NOW IM STUCK ON LIFE I GO TRY N PLAY BASKETBALL BUT I DONT HAVE THE DESIRE TO DO NOTHING ANYMORE IM SO DEPRESSED AS A GUY IVE NEVER BEEN THIS SAD EVER I WANTED TO MAKE MY FAMILY PROUD OF ME IM THINKING OF JUST GIVING UP ON LIFE I WANT TO GO ON WITH LIFE AND CHASE MY NBA DREAM
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Feeling Really Depressed About Life Long Story?

Postby Sydeek » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:10 pm

I also played basketball in school it is really addictive.

Your use of alerting words in capslock shows you are having an emotional breakdown.If you do not talk about this to close friends or a family member you are very likely to reach the bipolar stage of depression and even have suicidal thoughts.Please open up and talk about as soon as possible.
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