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Fasting And Metabolism?

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Fasting And Metabolism?

Postby Verddun » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:02 am

Certain forms of fasting deplete your glycogen storage and then burn fat. Since eating many small meals raises tour metabolism by convincing your body that it's not being starved, wouldn't fasting lower your metabolism? Also starvation kills ur muscle, since you don't get enough calories, but aren't you depriving yourself of calories when fasting too? Or do you get all your calories when you break fast? What's the difference between that and many small meals except for hurting your metabolism?
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Fasting And Metabolism?

Postby Ander » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:03 am

The Mormons do a religious fast once a month for 12-24 hours of no food and drink. It helps with spirituality and to get answers to prayer, plus they give the money that they would have spent plus more to their Bishop, who then helps to take care of the needs of the poor.

Not eating food, forces your body to eat whatever is not you. and not drinking water helps your body to reserve all available water for organs instead of virus, bacteria, and pathogens.http://www.nutribuff.com/inspiration/the... 24 hours once a month is a good way to go for health and spirituality.
Too much fasting or semi-starvation diets tend to make people hold on to fat.

Basically, fasts are cleansing first, then muscles get used for protein as well as fat for energy. A 24 hour fast is safe, after that, you got to really take it easy. Some people do a longer fast for spiritual reasons and then eat after. Then, they get their calories from food. It does affect your metabolism to do long term semi-starvation diets, just lowers the metabolism for further weight gain. The body compensates and starts packing on more pounds to get ready for the next famine. Many meals a day is good with constant nourishment.
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