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Evicting A Non-leased Roomate In Texas?

Evicting A Non-leased Roomate In Texas?

Postby Akiva » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:17 pm

I rented out a townhouse in Texas and verbally agreed with my friend that he could occupy the 2nd room for 500.00 a month. Its only been one month since we have lived together as roommates, and he paid his rent on time, however, Im having difficulties with him.

-He doesn't buy groceries and eats all my food (which i stuck a note on the fridge saying to stop eating my food and buy some damn groceries)

-He doesn't have a car, so constantly asking me for rides to and from work

-Hes always asking to borrow my car

-He has company over after midnight well up to 3:00 am on weekdays

-I found roaches (weed) on my garage floor

-I actually saw him go into my room looking for cigarettes w/o my permission

-Im afraid hes hurting my dogs when Im not home (no proof)

Do I need to give this guy 30 days notice? Do I need cause? Are my problems with him enough cause? I need a little information here.
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Evicting A Non-leased Roomate In Texas?

Postby Judah » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:35 pm

A verbal agreement is still a lease.

The rest is just stuff you dislike about him.
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