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Economical Collapse Of America Survival?

Economical Collapse Of America Survival?

Postby Tiburon » Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:59 pm

So, as us Americans know we are nearing a crisis that could lead to the end of America or a way of living.. Hate me or not don't criticize.
Our unemployment rate is at an all time high and doesn't look to be getting any better soon the dollar will collapse to be nothing. I'll give my 2 cents on what some one should do to prep,and ask random questions on survival and the rate of others survival of the new world for us.. please share your feelings.
Do you think America will turn into the new wild west shoot em up style? I think Yes... I'm still unsure on why people are investing in gold and silver, due to the fact you can't fend of enemies with gold or silver and you can't eat gold or silver.
I find the best prep is to buy them little gold looking things that kill people called bullets.
Am I right or am I wrong? I find for the best chance of survival you should get out of major cities and towns and get out to the country for a better advantage.
What do you think the best chance of survival is? Do you think the people who are so reliant on the government (I.E. paying their welfare giving them free food although they are able bodies) would sit and wait for the government to help them or do you think they will start freaking out and try to rob people? I think yes on robbing and wait for the government to help them. I personally think they would be the first to go cause they can't survive on their own.... What about the liberals that are totally against firearms? Do you think they will survive for very long with no means of defense besides a kitchen knife? With the fall of the economy the government will have no money to fund police or military.
Do you think there will still be police and military although there is no form of currency? If there wasn't a form of police I would think it would be a kill or be killed world. (I.E. wild west question.) With the government unable to police the public do you think they would do a mass imprisonment with that whole talk about FEMA camps?
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Economical Collapse Of America Survival?

Postby Jeramy » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:02 pm

Dude, you barely speak the freakin' language.
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Economical Collapse Of America Survival?

Postby Dobhailen » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:04 pm

As a long way as I am worried, America is in a cheap cave in. The American Government has emerge as financially elegant upon overseas imports, and has allowed organizations reminiscent of IBM, Qualcom, General Electric, and different top profile organizations to "get in mattress" with China, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. China is a Communist nation; sending many overseas scholars to the United States to research our tradition. The public schooling process of the U.S. sends many scholars and institution directors to China to realize the Chinese tradition and their schooling process. Many colleges within the metropolitan public institution I replacement in have travelling lecturers from China who train the Chinese tradition and languages. The town I are living in even has a institution dedicated to China, and each instructor there's from China! When I was once within the tenth grade, over forty years in the past, a neighborhood junior university had an whole football crew from Saudi Arabia; constructed from scholars who had been learning engineering! Future engineers of nine/eleven? My husband and I live to tell the tale Social Security advantages and the money I earn from being a replacement instructor. Should a cheap cave in come to America, we might be "up a creek with no paddle".
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Economical Collapse Of America Survival?

Postby Ashby » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:15 pm

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER.
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Economical Collapse Of America Survival?

Postby Cristobal » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:16 pm

You are deranged, definitely.
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Economical Collapse Of America Survival?

Postby Quent » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:24 pm

Sorry, but there are a couple of points that are simply wrong.
If you post stuff, you've got to understand that there may be criticism--that's the way the world works.

First, unemployment isn't at an "all time high".
Even if you include the people who are underemployed or have stopped working, it's still 10 points lower than the official numbers during the worst of the Great Depression.

Second, people have been predicting the imminent collapse of the dollar since at least the 1970's (I can't remember further back than that).
So far, they've predicted at least 3 of the last 0 collapses.
And every time, the warnings come with "This time it's different--it's really gonna happen".

If you really, really think it's going to happen, you're right that bullets are one thing you'd need.
You also need food that won't spoil, potable water, and some form of shelter.

But, let me ask you this--if the government is "unable to police the public", how exactly would they accomplish the mass imprisonment? Wouldn't it require some sort of policing to get huge numbers of people into the trucks to ship them off to the camps?
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Economical Collapse Of America Survival?

Postby spengler » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:25 pm

I forgot to write this is for my Economics class for my Masters.
Its on surviving the economic collapse so to Dosia and Paul Jackson. You guys are fricken idiots.
Oh also Paul how is this unreadable and please enlighten me on who can speak "the language" what does "freakin" mean? Does it mean getting my freak on? Or you are a freak Mr. Paul Jackson?
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