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Dog Food???

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Dog Food???

Postby dubhloach48 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:11 pm


We've got the book, we've fed the diets 6 months now and have personally seen the results, they are dramatic to put in mildly.

Never again would we feed even the best of the commercial pet foods, even if they offered a free lifetime supply.

Recalls are of no matter in our household any longer either now.

EDIT: Excerpt from http://www.petfoodrecallfacts.com/lab.ht... regarding the Hills Science Diet suggestion below:



This sample is believed to have come from a bag of Hill's Science Diet dry cat food. The test results show acetaminophen, the generic version of Tylanol, was found in the food. The substance is fantastically deadly to cats, very dangerous to dogs, and will destroy a human's kidneys if taken often for extended periods of time. It is my understanding the folks at Hill's would prefer this information not be made public. Hopefully the folks at Hill's understand we would prefer pet food companies not murder our four footed family members.

EDIT: 'rescue members' post taken from context: ".........Get a good dry like Canidae that has meat as the first ingredient, with no corn meal or wheat gluten.

Ideal analysis is close to 30% protein and 18% fat............"

The trouble is the U.S. manufactures where caught spiking their ingredients with "cyanuric acid" to boost their protien levels. Do you want to risk a chemical designed to retain chlorine in your swimming pool in your pets food? Oh, it's FDA approved of course for pet food so as you see their looking out for our loved ones, NOT! www.petfoodrecallfacts.com has the low down on this, I believe under "lab reports".

Melamine (Chinas additive to spike protien levels) in and of itself is supposedly no more toxic to a dog than table salt, add cyanuric acid and melamine together however and bam, you have instant kidney crystals! That's how the U.S. companies got busted adding the cyanuric acid to spike their protien levels, just as guilty as China but no one was executed over here for it at least, unfortunately in my opinion.

EDIT: knowitall post: I'm not gonna waste much time with your reply except to say you have nothing to offer advice wise so why offer anything? Your post is moronic calling concerned pet owners "narrow minded" for seeking the best food source for their pets. I bet you feed "Ol Roy" since your not going to buy into the "narrow minded thinking". Well us narrow minded thinkers have done months of research, tried proven recipies and have seen very positive results. What have you researched and put your "all knowing" mind into finding out?, nadda!

Edit: giggityg..post : Taken from context: "Dog's need a premium food no questions asked. I have been talking to my vet about it since day one. He gave me facts about the number of dogs that are dying from cancer and other digestive problems every year from feeding them non-commercial dog food......"

Boy giggityg..
I'd luv to see those results considering NO ONE is keeping track of any such thing! List your vets name and phone number here as I would love to call him on such an ignorant baseless statement that he made to you and ask about his "FACTS" and where did he/she get them.

FACT is Dr. Pitcairn says a dog should live to 20-25 years, in the U.S. on commercial pet foods dogs are only living an average of 11.5 years. On Dr. Pitcairns' diets I can tell we bought our Yorkies YEARS of extra life, not to mention quality as in optimum healthy life.

These premium foods are not much better than the regular junk, they all are in it to maximize profits, bottom line. Every manufacturer I can think of is getting sued now over missleading labels and advertizing as to what is really in their pet foods.

I know you love your Yorkie, who wouldn't love one of those, we have two, try the book and see what you think, you'll have your dog much longer years wise I can gaurantee that and most likely you won't have to watch it suffer later in life from the slow poisoning all it's life from the commercial BS.

Instead of your dog being old at 11-12 it will be young and puppy like, like our 11 year old is now after 6 months on BALANCED home cooked diets from Dr. Pitcairns book. Your vet trust me couldn't hold a candle to Dr. Pitcairns knowledge and his statement to you shows his/her TRUE IGNORANCE!

My God find another vet ASAP! and please give me his/her name and #.
I won't even mention you when I confront them on the phone about making such an ignorant stupid baseless statement to a pet owner that's concerned about their pets health. That was the worst advice you have ever gotten and harmfull to your pet if you follow it.
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Dog Food???

Postby Treowe » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:13 pm

This can get so convoluted that it makes your head spin, and there are real fanatics out there who seem to devote their days to mixing up just the right combination of everything for their dogs.

Between the "anything the dog will eat" (dogs will eat **** if you let them folks, literally) and the fanatics, common sense would tell you that dogs do better with whole meat base dry kibble that has no artificial preservatives and no cheap corn or grain fillers.

Get a good dry like Canidae that has meat as the first ingredient, with no corn meal or wheat gluten.

Ideal analysis is close to 30% protein and 18% fat.
Supermarket or Walmart food is junk, mostly cheap fillers and ground up "meat meal" which is chicken feet, beaks, bones, etc. - not real meat at all.

Get a decent dry, it's cheaper to buy good nutritious food than pay big vet bills later on.
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Dog Food???

Postby Chadwyk » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:14 pm

Because it's better quality and will contribute to overall health of your pet. If you have affordability concerns than I reccoemend canidae dog food.
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Dog Food???

Postby justin » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:18 pm

I'm not surprised you are having difficulty! Buying in to the 'no to big business' narrow minded arguments you see on line does put ideas in peoples head, but, as you are finding, when you try to rationalise the argument to somebody else, there IS no rationalising!

The best food for your dog is the one that suits your dog best - WHATEVER anyone else tries to tell you.
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Dog Food???

Postby Calvino » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:24 pm

there are some dog foodsthat have things in them that arent healthy for your pet. i think the best food to go with is hills perscription diets. they have food for every different dog. they have ones that help the teeth, skin,heart, u name it and they are very well worthi it because if your dogs has allergies the one for allergies will clear it up. u can ask ur vet which would be best for your situation but i would only use those for my pet.
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Dog Food???

Postby Devlyn » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:25 pm

Dog's need a premium food no questions asked. I have been talking to my vet about it since day one. He gave me facts about the number of dogs that are dying from cancer and other digestive problems every year from feeding them non-commercial dog food. Dogs have certain skin allergies and digestive problems that need attention and giving them premium food is the best way to handle that.
You can go to petsmart.com and use the nutrition selector to find the perfect food for your dog.


I will honestly say though that sometimes the breed of the dog depends on what kind of food you need. I got my outside( a mixed breed lab/collie lol) dog when I was little so my parents picked out the food and of course they picked out something cheap from walmart. He is still alive today and doing fine after 10 years. His coat isnt that great looking but he is healthy. Now I have my own dog ( a yorkshire terrier) that i buy food for and i buy her science diet. She would get sick and her whole digestive system would be messed up if i gave her something cheap. She is only one but her coat looks great. Anyways, I hope this helps :D
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Dog Food???

Postby Edson » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:26 pm

dog food
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Dog Food???

Postby Dunton » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:33 pm

then he should head over here Dog Food Secret
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Dog Food???

Postby Stephano » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:40 pm

Try showing your husband this site http://interestingread.co/714/BadDogFood Personally I have to say it shocked me. I always thought big companies must make good food otherwise people wouldn't buy it but from the looks of this that just isn't true.
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Dog Food???

Postby Mahpee » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:44 pm

Buy the Dog food in the store that have BFAD and Permit so that you can assure the dog food is not fake.
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