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Dog Food???

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Dog Food???

Postby Sauville » Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:06 pm

Pet-nutrition experts say that the best dog food is made from human-grade ingredients like meat, whole grains and vegetables. What you don't want is a lot of filler as the primary ingredients; these are items that have less nutritional benefit. According to the Animal Protection Institute, dogs can absorb almost all the nutrients from white rice, but grains like oats, flour and wheat have almost no nutritional value for dogs. Corn products aren't very valuable either, and peanut hulls have no value at all. Glutens are another group of ingredients that experts say don't provide much nutritional value to dogs, and are a particular concern in light of the recent massive recall of pet foods tainted by contaminated wheat and rice gluten from China.

According to reviews, better-quality dog food results in a healthier coat, fewer digestive problems and firmer stools. Since your dog will absorb more nutrients from better-quality dog food, less will be passed as waste.

Tell it to your hubby like this, it will probably make more sense to him than any of the above.

A dog who eats properly poops less.
Therefore, there is less mess to clean up in your yard.
That is it, in a nutshell.
If you buy just any brand of dog food, your dog will end up eating things that his body cant digest properly, and may compromise his health as well.
Whatever he cant digest, well guess what. It becomes waste.
If THAT alone doesnt convince your hubby to buy a good dog food for your dog, I dont know what will!! Go to the website below and read their article.
They also give you a list of high quality dog food.
Also, did you know that sometimes the meat by-products in dog food can be euthanised dogs and cats? Read the article, and make your husband read it, too.
Good luck!
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