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Does Sleep Apnoea/apnea Tend To Occur In Rem/nrem Sleep?

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Does Sleep Apnoea/apnea Tend To Occur In Rem/nrem Sleep?

Postby morlee » Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:14 am

Sleep apnoea, or at least the obstructive version, OSA, occurs when you loose muscle tone and the upper airway/throat collapses. The ore relaxed the muscles, the more prone to collapse. The deeper the sleep, the more relaxed the muscles become, the more prone again they become to collapse. But indeed once it happens, you get a micro-arousal as the brains doesn't like to be starved of oxygen so it shoots some adrenalin in your system to wake you up briefly but long enough to take a proper breath. Hence the gasping and choking noises in between the snoring.

So yes, often it is worse in deep sleep, if you even get that far but REM sleep is also associated with OSA as per the research in my sources.

Regardless of which phase it happens in, it needs to be sorted as it really messes with your health and well-being.

OSA is diagnosed in a variety of ways. Can be in-home with a simple finger pulse oximetry sleep study or a multi-channel respiratory sleep study. The former records blood oxygen levels and heart rate alone, the latter supplements this with air flow, chest movement, body position and sometimes records the sound of snoring.

If you have complex health issues, they may prefer a study in the clinic, often a full polysomnogram indeed with brain-wave wires etc. These will detect the sleep phases but often that info isn't necessary for a simple OSA case.

Once they've worked out with this study whether you are a case of mild, moderate or severe OSA (depending on the number of breathing obstructions per hour) they can determine which therapy is best for you.

For mild OSA, weightloss or a mandibular advancement device tend to be the first line of treatment. Sometimes sinus irrigation or changing sleep positions can do the trick here.

For moderate and severe OSA, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP for short, is the gold standard. Weightloss is still advisable, is of course your OSA is due to excess fatty tissue in the throat and around the neck.

There are no medications to reliably sort out any severity of OSA though there are a few surgical options that either tackle the source (weight loss surgery or jaw surgery) or the problem (UPPP etc.).
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Does Sleep Apnoea/apnea Tend To Occur In Rem/nrem Sleep?

Postby Shaughn » Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:15 am

Sleep apnea can occur in both rem and nrem sleep. But depending on the severity of the apnea(the number of times per hour you stop breathing and wake yourself up) you may not be reaching rem sleep.

Diagnosis is made during a sleep study where you go to a sleep lab and they hook electrodes all over you and put a band around your chest to detect changes in breathing. They also continuously check your oxygen level.
They monitor you the whole time you are asleep. It is very hard to go to sleep with all the wires etc. hooked to you. Also the sleep lab is very expensive (as I recall it was about $1,300).

The treatment: A CPAP machine(continuous positive air pressure) works well.
It blows air when you inhale so that your throat stays open. The machine looks like a small box that sits on your nightstand with a hose that is attached to either a mask that fits over your nose or a nose piece that fits into your nostrils. This is held in place by straps that go on your head. The machine is very quiet.
The head gear takes some getting used to but my husband says he feels so much better and he has so much more energy.
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