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Does Overeaters Anonymous Help?

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Does Overeaters Anonymous Help?

Postby Barram » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:40 pm

Addictions of all kinds--alcohol, sex, drugs, anger--are best solved with the help of a group.
This is documented.

This is what the group says about itself:

"Overeaters Anonymous is a support group for people who are compulsive overeaters. By attending meetings with people like themselves, members get strength and hope from each other so that they can learn how have better eating habits. They also find out how to stop using food as a comfort measure, bingeing and purging, or exercising to excess as a way to deal with their obsession with food and weight issues.

"The organization gives its members unconditional acceptance and support on their journey to abstain from overeating - one day at a time. The Overeaters Anonymous program doesn't include diet tips or advice, since going on a restrictive diet may encourage someone to overeat due to a sense of feeling deprived. The program doesn't provide counseling as part of its services, either."

Give it a shot.
Go to a few meetings, then re-evaluate.
There's a testimonial on the site.
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