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Does It Sound Like I Had An Eating Disorder, Or Just A Case Of Extreme Dieting?

Does It Sound Like I Had An Eating Disorder, Or Just A Case Of Extreme Dieting?

Postby Gwernach » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:19 am

I am a 21-year-old female, and was hospitalized last month for full blown bulimia and ED-NOS. (I was overeating and purging up to 5-6 times every day). I was 105 lbs when I checked into the hospital (I'm 5'1).The self-induced vomiting started in September 2010. I know for sure that THAT was an eating disorder.

But when I was fourteen, I had begun a diet that sort of went out of control. At first, I was doing fine. But then I became a bit obsessed with counting calories. I always made sure I stayed under 1000 calories a day (I would try to get around 900-something calories each day). I ALWAYS had scrap sheets of paper alongside me with a whole bunch of numbers (the calories i had eaten that day) written down on them and how i've added them up and stuff. I;ve also had a calculator to add the calories. Whenever I went grocery shopping with my mom, I would worry her to death about the calories and nutrition lables on the back of packages and stuff. i had a couple calorie counting and diet books. weight watchers books. I think I was also obsessed with low fat foods. Lean Cuisines, Smart Ones, Healthy Choice, whatever. I even told my mom i wanted a REDUCED FAT birthday cake for my next birthday. A few times i complained of being cold and wore a jacket inside my house during the month of AUGUST. I would always ask my younger brother what he was eating (he ate regular foods) and it was like i was interested in what he was eating because I couldn't have it. I would weigh different types of foods (like bananas) on a little scale i had in my kitchen made for weighing foods, just so i can see how many pounds the food was, so i can look in my book and see the estimation of calories. Later, I began counting grams of fat in foods as well. During the evenings, I would chew on a stick of gum so i wouldn't feel hungry. Idk if you;d call this over exercising, but day after day i would jump on my trampoline, ride my bike around the neighborhood, do sit-ups, jog around my living room, and later i asked for a treadmill and exercised on that as well. Once, i remembering getting back in the house after exercising, and my mom said it looked like i was about to pass out. I had one "cheat" day a week where iwould eat regular foods. but one 'cheat' day i overate (regular junk food, sodas and stuff) because i had wanted to get all the foods i had been craving in, before i had to starve for the rest of the week. (I didn't puke it up though. just toughed it out.i wasn't aware that you could get rid of food in your stomach that way until i was older). I kept a food journal of EVERYTHING i had eaten every day. and i was kind of obsessed with it, reading it aloud to my friends and stuff. When i told one of them what my goal weight was, 109 lbs, she said "let's not become anorexic"(I was no more than 4'11 or 5'0 though) I also weighed myself repeatedly. The biggest thing though was when i actually STOLE my mom's prescription 'fluid' pills from her purse (she was obese so she needed them) and began taking about 1-2 pills a day for a few weeks. i got pretty sick from the pills and felt all the water n stuff inside of me had been drained out. And I felt "sucked-in", literally. i was basically falling out at school because of it. eventually, my mom found out that i had been stealing her water pills. she told my neighbor about it and my neighbor explained i could have a heart attack if i kept stealing and abusing the pills. she suggested that the weighing scale be taken away or dismantled. (I had went from about 133 lbs to 107 lbs in 3 or 4 months. I have no idea what my height was at 14 years old though). i was able to recover from this little 'problem' on my own, but does it sound like i had some type of eating disorder or was i just 'diet obsessed'? I didn't know much (If AT ALL) about EDs at 14 though. This only went on for about 4 months before i got 'better'. And I was fine for a few years (I was healthy again, not worrying about calories AT ALL, eating regularly.). i even became a little overweight. but at age 20, the 'weight loss obsession' started again only this time i was throwing up and stuff. I read that some sufferers had anorexia or some other ED around ages 13 and stuff and then it went away for a few years and when they got older (into their 20s or 30s), they developed bulimia.
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Does It Sound Like I Had An Eating Disorder, Or Just A Case Of Extreme Dieting?

Postby Bradach » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:22 am

Dear, it's the OBSESSING that makes it an eating disorder!!!!!!!!! Severe dieting doesn't come with the obsessing.
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Does It Sound Like I Had An Eating Disorder, Or Just A Case Of Extreme Dieting?

Postby Oxton » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:24 am

There is another type of bulimia called "exercise bulimia" in which a person is obsessed with burning off more calories than are consumed. That sounds like (albeit not 100%) what you described. I think you could say that you did have an eating disorder at 14. When one is "diet obsessed" to the point that it affects health and judgment, that is what my opinion of an eating disorder is. I hope this helps and I wish you the best.
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