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Does alli and Slimming World work?

Does alli and Slimming World work?

Postby aliz » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:45 am

When I did Slimming World before, I had chocolate everyday and still lost 5 and a half pounds in a week, and then about 2-3 the next week.
I am 14, 5ft4in. and a UK size 10-12.
So, I've been doing Slimming World again for a week now and I have seen NO results. I am really dissapointed, and I am not going back to school until I lose weight as I get bullied.
I have been sticking to it - I haven't gone over my Syns limit, I haven't had crisps, chocolate, or any fast food. Only free stuff or stuff that is Healthy Extra's or within my Syn limit.

So, my question is, if I get my mum to buy Alli for me, and I take it for the next 3 weeks until I go back to school, would it work?
Because Slimming World is a healthy eating plan isn't it?

Please help! I am so SICK of being the butt of everyone's jokes, being called fat by my friends and my mum and family. My stomach muscles are rock hard when tense, I just need help losing the weight infront of it.
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Does alli and Slimming World work?

Postby hadwin » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:48 am

Unfortunately, Alli will show SOME improvement for those already engaged in diet AND regular exercise. Maybe 5% extra if you are lucky. Thats for the over the counter option. The perscribed Alli is stronger and may show a little better result, but you can only get it from your doctor. The real probelm though is the side effects. They are really nasty and somewhat unpredictable.

You really dont need it anyway.

Now.. why isn't it slimming world working for you? Well there are a number of possible reasons. One could be that you are just plateauing. It is normal to happen during weight loss. If you are exercsing, then switch up your routine a bit. Otherwise you are just going to have to wait it out.

Another is you are 14 and still growing. Any weight loss now may be lost in a growth spurt. This doesn't mean you will be growing taller per se.. but you could be naturally filling out is ways not specifically tied to fat gain.

Really.. stay away from Alli.. just keep up what you are doing.. its fine and you will eventually get to see some results again.

Dont worry about the spam.. its all auto scripted based on key words on Y!A.
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Does alli and Slimming World work?

Postby armande89 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:54 am

Im sorry to hear that shallow cowards are bullying you because of your appearence. i am 5ft 10" and got bullied for:
being too tall, being too thin, then being too fat, having acne, having braces, being too shy, for living in the country, for not having a boyfriend and for getting good grades. if you lose weight chances are you'll still get bullied, you need to stand up to these people. everything will change after you leave school.
who needs bullies when your friends are hurting you by calling you fat.
Comfort eating is a response to hurt and pain, so they are making the problem worse for you.

These products are not suitable for people under 16, for several reasons but mostly due to hormones constantly alternating, and because kids tend to have higher metabolisms than adults, so weight loss due to supplements is hard to measure. i really hope this helps.
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Does alli and Slimming World work?

Postby danil » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:58 am

Hey huni, god i've been in your shoes! but seriously if you are 10-12 there is no need for you to lose weight-really, i would kill to be a size 10-12.
The reason you are having trouble losing weight is because you don;t actually have very much extra weight, when you are heavy the weight comes off quicker, thats just the way it is i'm afraid.
if people are still calling you fat when you go back to school, you really just have to try and not let it get to you, i know thats hard, trust me i really know, but you just have to focus your attention on something else, because they have no reason for bullying you other than they are stupids c****!! and if it wasn't your weight they were picking on they would probably think of something else.
They have to, otherwise their lives would be completely empty and they would have to face the fact that they are worthless human beings that are wasting air and resources and in the big picture they are of absolutely no significance!xx
oh and from what i have heard alli isn;t worth it, the side effects ae gross, and the weight piles on again when you stop taking them and only some people lose good amounts of weight, most reviews i've read said that they would have lost the same amount of weight just by following the sensible food plan alone.
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