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Do I Have A Mental Problem?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

Do I Have A Mental Problem?

Postby Rashawn » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:34 am

should i get help for whatever it is? I have problems socializing ,anxiety,self esteem issues,paranoia and depression ,add and i don't think i see stuff that others don't i know this might seem silly but sometimes i walk around my house acting like im somewhere talking to someone and ill get all emotional like im in a movie . i feel like everybody hates me im weird,ugly,and fat ..i use to be overweight all my life and got made fun of so i decided to change my eating habits and i lost all of my weight but i still see a fat kid even though my mom and some others say im fine i think their lying to me for several reasons also so i dont get pissed off!! i dont know when i look in the mirror i see skinny i just hate the fact that i feel like people see me differently so thats why no one talks to me im also not that social i dont have many friends these days because im to depressed,anxious or i just dont talk to them and i make a total fool of myself ,im very self conscious also and it seems no matter what i do its never going to be good enough even if i try to look decent its still not good enough all i see is this ugly,fat stupid girl and im lost i failed every class this year so now i have to repeat because im so focused on what people think about me. all i ever do is sleep im just tired all the time ! im afraid to get on meds because i think i eat less calories then an average person does so i feel like it might make me gain weight because thats how i got so fat in the first place was from the meds they got me on a few years back!.. so what do i do and do i have a mental issue?
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Do I Have A Mental Problem?

Postby Elliston » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:35 am

You have no mental problem, in fact you are pretty normal. Trust me a lot of people feel the same way as you do, they just don't have the guts to admit it or even accept it. My advice to you is to get some help, and maybe some anti-depressants. Those things help so much, trust me I was in the same boat as you are now, but pretty soon you'll be leaving that boat if you follow my advice.
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Do I Have A Mental Problem?

Postby Jeriel » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:37 am

It sounds like you are really hurting but I am glad that you are reaching out for help.
Lots of young people experience what you are going through so it does not necessarily mean that you have a mental health issue.
It might be good to get checked out again by a physician to see if they have any diagnosis or advice.
It may also be helpful to call a hot line that provides counseling for young people.

Counselor, JS
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Do I Have A Mental Problem?

Postby avi » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:39 am

I am sad to read that you are so unsure of yourself and feel so down. It sounds like you think your thoughts are serious enough to go see a doctor because you mention going there. Good idea.

I have been learning about Irrational Beliefs and Rational Beliefs, and how to determine which thoughts are which. It is a 'Cognitive Behavior Therapy. "CBT has been shown to be as useful as antidepressant medications for some individuals with depression and may be superior in preventing relapse of symptoms. Patients receiving CBT for depression are encouraged to schedule positive activities into their daily calendars in order to increase the amount of pleasure they experience. In addition, depressed patients learn how to change (?restructure?) negative thought patterns in order to interpret their environment in a less negatively-biased way. As regular sleep has been found to be very important in both depression and bipolar disorder, therapists will also target sleeping patterns to improve and regulate sleep schedules with their patients. Studies indicate that patients who receive CBT in addition to treatment with medication have better outcomes than patients who do not receive CBT as an additional." It sounds like something that might help you.

There is plenty of history to agree that meds are not always the best, yet there is history to reveal the need for them is just as valid. You have the right to say which meds you want to try if you discuss them openly with your doctor or therapist. When the meds and therapy settle your mind a bit you can concentrate on your outer looks a bit closer. Perhaps, you will find that people are truthful.

Please, seek someone that is a licensed therapist. I chose a Christian licensed therapist after several non-Christian and found that he speaks in a way that I can understand, and he doesn't use language from books, or above my mentality.

Mental illness is curable in most cases, that makes our future hopeful!

Blessings and prayers for you.
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