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Diet And Exercise Help!?

Diet And Exercise Help!?

Postby Le » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:33 pm

Okay, so I currently weight 135 lbs and I have 5' 6" and 17 years old.

I am really insecure about my body. I hate wearing bikinis in the summer and short shorts. I want to be comfortable with myself.

Every week I say okay Im going to start exercising Monday and i'll start to drop weight, but it never happens. im a teenager who has work & school and sometimes it is hard to find time to exercise cause atleast 2 out of the 5 school days I will start work directly after school and go to 7 or sometimes even 11.

I really need some help and advice on losing weight, feeling comfortable with myself, and finding time to work out...


Thanks :)
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Diet And Exercise Help!?

Postby Cedrick » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:35 pm

After spine surgery I gained 60 plus lbs. From family being nice and giving me all the things I wanted. From the surgery I could not exercise and walking was a chore. So with spine damage and no chance at exercise I remembered what my high school coach told me.

?It calorie in and calorie burned? The way to burn weight is burn more than you take in. If you do this you will loose weight. So I counted calories and I nearly starved.

I started reading the diets out there. Atkins and south beach.
Tried Atkins and lost weight. After loosing several lbs I shared the diet with friends and it worked for them as well. One fellow went from size 48 to 38 pants, stopped taking BP medication and stopped taking diabetes medication.
Ate eggs and bacon for breakfast and life was good. I just had trouble holding to the diet. In time I gained the weight back. After the yo-yo dieting and radical eating soups and such, I started to do the common sense diet.

I found something that works and I plan to write a book on it. In the mean time I am will to share this much. The more your bowels work the better you will feel.
Turn your diet into a high fiber diet and the more you eat the more you will loose. I find that ?Total? raisin Bran will speed your digestion. So eat two or three bowel per day. Salads of fresh veggies will help as well.
Yes, use dressing of some type and you need fats. Whole milk, (have documentation to prove it). And Metamucil in the mornin and after noon will help clean your bowels and keep you going. In time you will be able ot eat most any thing you like (as long as it makes you poop) and eat all you like. Things like steak with fat and good cuts of meat. Stay away from burgers and processed foods. Chicken meat and good cuts of pork are OK.

If you snack at night eat the Raisin bran and it will move you in the morning. No white bread, high grain breads are OK.

You need to eat 5 or 6 times per day. From early morning on. Eat small meals and in the am add fresh fruits.

I promise you will loose weight and in time start feeling much better. I have given this info to many people and all have lost weight,. None have had medical problems from it.

I wish you the best.
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Diet And Exercise Help!?

Postby VanAken » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:58 pm

Girl, it sounds like you need a good hunk of encouragement! EVen though it may be tough, just think how awesome you will look if you even devote 30 min 5 days a week exercising! So get out there and do it. TRy your best to push yourself and trust me, it works in the long run and you feel GREAT the next day; happy and full of energy! Hope it helped!
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