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Diarrhea, Weight Loss In Cat?

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Diarrhea, Weight Loss In Cat?

Postby Young-Nam » Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:00 pm

You have done so good with him so far.
Unfortunately there is a serious illness going around with cats these months.

They are vomiting and losing appetite.

One of my cats just passed away last Friday.
I was force feeding him with food and Pedyalite.
But he was diagnosed with FIV-Leukemia.
It is stll sad to remember.

His sister is doing the same thing and his mother doesn't want to eat.
She is bony skinny.
But atleast I am aware of the problem with them.
I am just taking care of them until their last day and hope to make them happy.
I had rescued them and never realized they had Leukemia.
I am glad I did, so that atleast they have a home with me.

Unfortunately I have separated them in a separate room from my healthy cats.
Leukemia spreads easy and it takes away their defenses.

Hope your cat gets better soon.
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