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Depression/self Harm?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

Depression/self Harm?

Postby Jervis » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:41 am

I've recently started losing weight dropped 45 pounds but lately I've been feeling so depressed,unworthy and ugly I felt so much better about myself when I was bigger everyone tells me how good I'm doing but I don't see it, I feel like my friends are not my real friends and I even had to quit smoking marijuana because when I get high I feel so bad about myself and jealous I recently did self harm because I couldn't handle how I feel
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Depression/self Harm?

Postby Guang » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:42 am

sure, you're maximum impressive. Even a melancholy which starts off as an uncomplicated melancholy simply by an exterior journey, can exchange right into a concepts chemical imbalance concern. The concepts has a tendency to cotinue to offer neurotransmitters in comparable proportion to what it did the day previous to this, so in case you have been depressed, it has a tendency to be a self perpetuating cycle. At this factor, a visit to a wellbeing care provider or maybe a psychiatrist could be a good theory. There are impressive drugs obtainable which whilst USED FOR the quick term, can regulate the extraordinary and non valuable proportions of serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and so on. you may certainly sense greater effective. in a while, that is sweet to settle for a referral to an approved scientific social worker who can help strengthen you thru talk and concern fixing so as which you're much less at risk of severe depressive episodes and ability self injury sooner or later. ultimate needs, my pal. There are good and genuine motives to have desire.
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Depression/self Harm?

Postby Ryszard » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:44 am

Don't feel so bad about yourself.
You quit marijuana.
That's amazing.
Only a small percent of people smoking marijuana can quit, and even then, they usually had to go to rehab centers or had medical help.
Losing weight is good and I'm sure you look amazing, but be careful.
Don't skip meals or tire yourself out - those are very harmful to your health in the long run.
Don't harm yourself.
It's only hurting you.
Besides, cutting or whatever you do doesn't really help you solve any problems.
Try talking to someone like your parents or counsler or someone close or even on the internet about your problems instead of keeping stuff buried inside you.
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Depression/self Harm?

Postby Franzl » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:46 am

Sometimes when you quit crack, you start having those bad withdrawals. Depression is just one of those withdrawal symptoms. Chill bro. I bet it's normal.
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Depression/self Harm?

Postby Joey » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:53 am

What is the question?
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Depression/self Harm?

Postby Waldon » Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:07 am

Don't mutilate yourself. That won't help anyone. If you don't like the fact that you lost weight, than think about why you wanted to lose it in the first place.
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