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Could Someone Clarify What These Means ( Digital Camera Problem)?

Could Someone Clarify What These Means ( Digital Camera Problem)?

Postby Montrelle » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:24 pm

You haven't said what sort of lens (make/model or even type - fixed, variable, removable, etc) you're talking about, but in general:

1. It's very unlikely there is dust IN (as in INSIDE) the lens. It's more likely there is dust ON the lens (on the front). If it's a removable lens it's also very likely there is dust on the SENSOR, the electronic chip that actually creates the image for the camera to store. (If there IS dust IN the lens, it may be ruined).

A. For ON the lens, get some (it's very inexpensive) lens cleaning paper - it's a soft, lint-free material that will help remove dust, fingerprints, any dirt. Don't use any solvent (glass cleaner for example). This paper can be used also for the backside of the lens (the rear of the lens where it connects to the camera body). Also, you can get a squeeze-bulb or a can of compressed air to blow dust away.

B. However, if dust is on the sensor, don't use the paper on it. You can try the air, but sensors are very delicate and easily scratched, so don't touch it with anything. If it is quite dirty you may have to take it to a camera shop where they have the right tools for a safe cleaning job.

2. Again, depending on where the dust/dirt is and how much there is, the camera may be significantly impaired, with your pictures being blurry or even missing parts due to the contamination. If you care about the quality of your photos you should clean it/get it cleaned.

Edit: I've realized you didn't ask how to clean it, so I've not answered your questions at all. I considered deleting the answer, but decided to let it stay in case you or others want to do some cleaning. As to your actual questions - I suspect it won't matter much what we or you think as to whether you've complied with manufacturer's instructions - I'm pretty sure the manufacturer will determine that, and you won't likely have much chance to argue about it...
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Could Someone Clarify What These Means ( Digital Camera Problem)?

Postby Shane » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:03 pm

1) The manufacturers instructions would be in the manual. For my camera, for example, there is instruction to clean out the area to the battery compartment to avoid it leaking (mine's waterproof). If I did that and it broke anyway, then, yes, I have used it according to instructions. If I didn't do that and it broke, I would have to say no, I didn't clean it out as instructed.

At a guess, your answer will be "yes"

2) Probably not. I'm assuming this would be for cameras that are broken to the point that they don't turn on or don't take pictures or the zoom function is broken...stuff like that.
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