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Can You Please Help Me Out? :) I'd Really Appreciate It

Can You Please Help Me Out? :) I'd Really Appreciate It

Postby Quenton » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:16 pm

he's slim and muscular but not ripped, smart and intelligent, hot, curly haired, plays guitar and has a good singing voice, he's everything that i look for in a guy, hes awesome amazing wonderful and basically my dream guy. He knows who i am, but i feel as if i mean nothing to him. Hes a cross country star athlete, i'm just a nerd.. we talk and text sometimes, but nothing major. we flirt a lot, but he flirts with anything that moves and has boobs... so idk what to do, do i even bother telling him that he's the perfect guy for me, or do i just keep on loving him in secrecy? i'm awfully shy, and don't really express my feelings very well.. i've had two bfs, one was my best friend--found out friendship worked more and we didnt want to ruin it., and the other was what i thought was my dream guy, but turned out to be clingy.. anyways, this guy is sweet and smart and funny and has a cute laugh, awesome smile, and a great sense of clean humor
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Can You Please Help Me Out? :) I'd Really Appreciate It

Postby tiarchnach82 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:18 pm

well he flirts a lot with other people but whenever we're walking together, or this one time at camp when we went to the pool, he only hung around with me... it could be that my swimsuit maybe showed too much? which i doubt, but urgh, this drives me crazy, i've liked him for three yrs, and am completely head over heels for him. and sometimes i get the feeling that he may feel the same way, but he's a bit like a yo-yo, one day hes a flirt, the next day he ignores me and pretty much tries to get my blood boiling.
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Can You Please Help Me Out? :) I'd Really Appreciate It

Postby Channiel » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:21 pm

guys that flirt with everyone would probably get scared off if a girl told him how she really feels. it's probably not want you want to hear but i would keep loving him in secrecy :) just keep being friendly and fun and if it's meant to be he'll start to see you as more than just another girl - it's great that you have classes and a camp with him so you can keep him interested :)
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