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Can I Do A-level Music With Grade 2 Performance Skills?

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Can I Do A-level Music With Grade 2 Performance Skills?

Postby Biast » Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:00 am

I love music, I started when I was 11 and now im 16. I can read music (but it takes me time) and i know a few scales. I have a teacher and I am thankful she taught me this far, but I know I have to be at least grade 5 performance in an instrument to pass a-level music... I haven't done GCSE music... I'm just a bit worried.

How do I know if I can pull through?
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Can I Do A-level Music With Grade 2 Performance Skills?

Postby burchard » Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:04 am

No you can't, I'm afraid. Almost every college would require you to have done GCSE Music at least, and if you hadn't done that then you would need to be over grade 5, since grade 5 is the rough requirement for GCSE.

Of course, your college may be more lenient but with very little experience in playing music, and with no GCSE in music, the chance is very slim.

Best of luck.
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Can I Do A-level Music With Grade 2 Performance Skills?

Postby Chayton » Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:08 am

If somebody in simple terms suggested, "i'm a grade 4," they're probable bearing on what point e book they're in. easily everyone has their very own gadget of grading, yet they're all kind of equivalent. If, although, somebody suggested they exceeded the grade 7 tests, they're bearing on a piano try that they took. those tests teach evidence that the guy has exceeded that time. as an occasion, I actually have a chum who went to a cottage college and alter into remarkable at piano and had taken for somewhat it sluggish. although, whilst she began going to a private college, she did not have evidence that she had taken piano and that she substitute into at a undeniable point because of the fact she had in no way taken certainly one of those tests. If somebody is hoping to pursue song as extra suitable than purely a interest, he or she could probable take those tests, in simple terms to make certain they're on the ultimate song. The tests do not frequently teach the place someone is musically, as a pupil could be plenty extra stepped forward than the try he or she is taking is. yet another occasion: i'm certainly one of my instructor's maximum stepped forward pupils. i'm making plans to considerable in song in school (I nonetheless have various time to think of roughly that; I in simple terms have been given into extreme college). although, i'm purely very virtually to take the point 2 try with the nationwide certificates software because of the fact i began out sorting out overdue because of the fact my instructor did not comprehend approximately it. Btw, Mamianka, what's an HS newborn?
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